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Use wild horse for extra storage

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Hey guys just sharing since i hadn't seen anything on this. If you break a wild horse you can get it to follow you,  allowing say transport of two legendary pelts and/or bounties. While the bounties I haven't tried I'm positive on the former works. Will be testing shortly just how many wild horses you can group up. I thought of this yesterday and it will greatly decrease my legendary animal and fish completion time, hope it helps someone else.

Update: After a day of hunting and fishing I've found that I've only been able to have 2 mule horses, my saddled horse and the wild horse i bonded with. I ride the newest broken horse allowing me to call the other 2. I was able to have 2 temporary horses before besides my saddled horse but can no longer do that so this is the method i use of i want to use 3 horses. Also i have autosave turned off and save manually periodically. The temporary horse and your saddled horse (duh)  Will still be there so long as you don't stable the temp. And also i haven't fed it in forever and it's still fit so i don't think you need to worry about that. And another note, if your looking to fast travel with 2 horses use the stage coach as the train emptied my horse of its cargo. Dunno if it always happens but I'm not taking another chance. Hope this helps someone. 


Update:  Just seen a video by Dat Saintsfan where he teaches this and how to go about doing it. 


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I usually just steal or find extra horses-sometimes in town but occaisionally I find one wandering by a road or a stagecoach/wagon that has been abandoned.   A lot easier than trying to hunt down a skittish Wild one and then having to 'Be Nice' to it for half and hour then ride it long enough to bond to you.  I'm rebuilding my sdtock of horses in 'Camp' having lost the five or six I had prior to Epilogue 1.

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