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west side hoodrich families (53fg) also known as 53rd set are street gang located on the west Side of South Los Santos. Their neighborhood spread from Chamberlain hills to rancho.
They fall under the gangsta families AKA moving or trey gang (3x). 53FG members are known to sport green attire with the large letter “F” to Represent The families. They are named after a popular residential street called 53rd Street in the heart of their neighborhood.

[53fg] are considered by Federal Agents and city officials, to be one of the most violent street gangs in Los Santos and are estimated 250+ Deep with more young recruits coming in daily. Their home base is the West Side of Chamberlain Hills but they have a Cracc house in rancho and they grow and sell weed in davis. They run the drug trade in south los santos but the Drug Trade in East Vinewood is controlled by East Side Vagos, another gang in Los Santos with a heavy presence in the area. 
west side hoodrich families was made by OG DiNERO in the middle of 2018. 53fg are looking for loyal homies to carry out gang activity for the gang and at the moment and have been fighting members from Other Ballas sets  for awhile, and extended their beef to fight vagos as well. Things are growing pretty fast right now for us and if you're interested in joining we suggest you join now to avoid disappointment. Message @dinero.productions on Instagram, or ZoeLord718 on kik if you want to join us.
ALLIES : Nobody at the moment 
ENEMIES : Ballas , Vagos and fake Families Crewshttp://hoodrichfamilies.weeblyl.com
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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