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Recommended Posts

OpenIV deserves a new, more updated UI or at least a mockup. If this was done, would anyone consider using it or even liking the idea??

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2 hours ago, LeeC2202 said:

For me, the current UI is perfect. It's functional, it shows everything clearly and it does everything fast.... I personally hope it never changes.

You wouldn't like a newer splash screen or possibly a new colour scheme??

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9 minutes ago, LeeC2202 said:

I never see the splash screen, so a new one of those would honestly be something I never see.  If they added a dark theme, that would be okay but I write tools in standard windows colours, so it's just something I am used to. I do use Visual Studio, 3DS Max and Photoshop with dark themes though saying that, it's easier on the eyes I find, when you're sat in front of the same UI for 10 or more hours.


I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it would be the end of the world but I would rather a boring looking functional UI, than a jazzed up one with colours all over the place.


Although if it ended up looking like (and working like) this mess below, I would stay on an old version no matter how many features they added. :D



I am completely fine with no NEW features, but I feel like a subtle difference with a few colours here and there wouldn't be so bad. Dark mode has been one of the things ive wanted for a long while and if I could somehow get in touch with them and make it happen, I truly would, it would be amazing.

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OpenIV Team

We actually working on new UI for a long time. It will be based on our DirectX rendering, you can currently see parts of this UI in the tools like ASI Manager, Text Editor, About window, etc.

This new UI will support light and dart themes (that why you see a "Choose a Theme" option in the tools settings). Also, it will allow us to do many new features with previews and other cool stuff.


However, it is not going to be ready soon.


13 hours ago, LeeC2202 said:

For me, the current UI is perfect. It's functional, it shows everything clearly and it does everything fast...

Actually, we have few performance issues, which we cannot fix without changing the UI. For example if you go into folder with many items like 1000 or more, OpenIV will freeze for a good moment before showing them to you.

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OpenIV Team
18 minutes ago, LeeC2202 said:

I mean, to take by comparison your mention of the ASI manager, it spends that long doing animations, it takes several seconds to display 5 items... that's a performance issue to me. The animations serve no purpose whatsoever, except making me sit there until I get all the information on screen... and that's as frustrating as heck. Click the menu option, show the window with all the info already in it, that's "cool stuff".

The animation should show user a reaction to his action, or it must be shows while actual data is loading. But, the example with ASI manager is good, since we have all the actual data almost instantly we should not waste user time for animation.


24 minutes ago, LeeC2202 said:

But the way developers use OpenIV and the way mod-users use OpenIV is very different, just something to consider.

This is definitely an issue because sometimes our users doing stuff that can be done much easier or faster. On the other side, since we do not actually use OpenIV for modding we might do not know about some scenarios that can be improved.
Do you have any ideas? Or your usual workflows?
Or just an examples like with the ASI Manager?
Please share it with us, maybe we might improve something with the current UI.

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