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GTA III Community Speedrun

Recommended Posts




Round I - The Test Run

Original idea by Dealux (DMG). Inspired by the Chain Game.





Inspired by the Chain Game, the GTA III Community Speedrun is a game where forum members take turns with the goal to complete the game 100% as fast as possible. The rules are simple and will be listed in the next paragraphs. Any forum member can join the game but breaking these rules can result in a temporary or permanent ban, so please read them closely.



The Rules


Taking a turn:

- Any member that wants to play must announce their turn by posting in this topic (e.g. "my turn now", "I'll go", etc).

- The starter save will be provided by the very first player that takes a turn. Please only post here to take a turn. The game will be discussed in a separate topic.

- The player must then save their game (only if they respected all of the other rules listed here within their run) and upload the save on GTASNP (or sites like Google Drive if the former is unavailable). Upon doing that, the save must be linked in the post that claimed the turn (use the edit function).

- A player taking a valid turn in the game may complete any number of missions. The only limitation of a given turn is the total amount of time spent, which is a 2 hour maximum. If you do not post your save within this time limit your turn may be deemed invalid.

- You may not take another turn unless an additional 2 hours have passed since your last turn (i.e. 2 hours after you've posted your last save in a valid turn). If your last turn was deemed invalid (or you forfeited the turn) you have to wait only 1 hour until attempting to take another turn.

- The 2 hour wait rule (or 1 hour for invalid turns) is in effect regardless of how many players have participated since your last turn in order to give other players a chance to participate.


What constitutes a valid turn:

- A turn with an unmodified version of the game (exceptions are mods like Silent Patch and the Widescreen Fix, which are recommended) that follows these rules. Version 1.0 or Steam are recommended. No German or other censored versions are allowed since they are incompatible with the original PC releases.

- No cheats, trainers, or save editing (or other such modifications) allowed.

- A player is also not allowed to get arrested, to die, to fail, or to duplicate any missions (exceptions are made if a player wants to collect a special vehicle which requires a mission to be failed, but only successful attempts at collecting a vehicle are allowed for a valid turn).

- All glitches are allowed since they are part of the game's code. However, any game breaking glitches such as duping missions (i.e. starting two missions at once, as seen in professional speedruns) that result in permanent and game breaking changes to a save file (such as stuck blips on map or removed side missions) are strictly forbidden and will result in an invalid turn.

- Please be especially careful when performing these glitches and be wary of any permanent effects on the game. Any questions can be directed at me or other more experienced players on this forum.

- All Luigi (L) and Joey (J) missions have to be completed before the Salvatore (S) mission, "Last Requests". All Kenji (K) missions must be completed before the Donald Love (D) mission, "Waka-Gashira Wipeout". All Asuka (A) missions must be completed before the Donald Love (D) mission, "Grand Theft Aero".

- After completing the desired missions within 2 hours (or less) since the turn was claimed, the player must edit their post and post a save link (use GTASNP) and give a short description of what was completed in their turn.


Additional suggestions:

- It is recommended that players complete "Paramedic" before gangs in Portland and Staunton become hostile though not strictly required.

- Collectibles (e.g. rampages, hidden packages, unique jumps) that were acquired during a turn should be mentioned in the post claiming the turn, including the specific details (e.g. rampages in Portland).


These rules are subject to change in the future.



List Of Players

X/X (Valid turns/Total number of turns)

(Player list goes here; pending)




Starter Save


The player who claims the first turn must start a new game and post their progress in the edited post. Respect the rules and enjoy the game. 😉




Edited by Dealux

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It's good idea but don't think it's will be active topic/game now, since you inspired the game from the Chain Game, it's the same and there only new small feature you added is the Speed run thing.


I don't think people will join this since they are busy with the GTA 3 Chain Game, and GTA 3 Forums are badly inactive nowadays, just informing you.

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OK, I have to ask: is the image in your post a mod or a render? If mod, can I please have the link?

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just do it bob1
On 1/2/2019 at 1:29 PM, Lioshenka said:

OK, I have to ask: is the image in your post a mod or a render? If mod, can I please have the link?

Pretty sure it is a mod. Try looking up GTA 3 graphics mods and you might find it

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3 hours ago, just do it bob1 said:

Pretty sure it is a mod. Try looking up GTA 3 graphics mods and you might find it 

I did actually look it up :D


Had another look now, but I doubt it's a mod. I mean, look at the details on that picture; if it's a mod it's a damn good one.

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This render is so beautiful and detailed.

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