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How do I remove my information? [GDPR / CCPA & Account Removals]

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In line with global developments as to the territorial scope and application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act any unrestricted GTAForums member regardless of nationality or location may henceforth request the removal of their account.


I. What will be removed?


  • Any personal information within the meaning of the GDPR and CCPA (usernames, email addresses, IP addresses..)
  • Your personal ability to access the account
  • Your ability to retrieve any data connected to the account


II. What will not be removed


Non-personal information within the meaning of the GDPR and CCPA i.e. public posts and threads as they are part of the manifest purpose of this platform as a public forum; as well as their removal would conflict with the fundamental right of freedom of expression and/or the security of the forum and its members. These exceptions can be found in Art. 17 (3) (a) GDPR and 1798.105 CCPA respectively. 


III. Procedure:


1. Post a topic in the private Court House subforum or send a PM with a formal request for removal to @Raavi

2. You will receive a reply within at latest 7 working days in which the consequences and irreversibility of this request will be once more outlined to you

3. Confirm that you want to go ahead and understand and fully accept the consequences of the request

4. Within 7 working days of reception your request will be processed after which you will permanently lose access to your account


NOTE: This measure is PERMANENT and CANNOT be reversed

NOTE: We are no under any obligation, nor will at any point make an attempt to restore your account after deletion

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Notice: Had a few users recently asking to come back and have a restored account. 


Altough you are welcome to come back, we won't make any attempt at restoring deleted accounts.

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Updated to expand removal option for all unrestricted members regardless of location in line with global privacy law developments.

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