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if my bunker stock is worth 560k, will it still be a 2-person sale at worst?


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I finally got hooked up with a crew, and one member is pretty much always online at the same time when I am, and now we go back and forth helping with each other's crate and my bunker sales, which is REALLY awesome cuz now things are really accelerating for me like never before.


if I buy supplies for my bunker, I get a total of 280k stock value before i need to get more supply, but i really don't wanna waste any money or my partner's time now if i can't sell it all successfully so if i double the gamble and let my bunker reach 560k will I still pretty much be guaranteed a sell that requires 2 ppl at most, or is there a possibility that it might be intended for 3 people?


it's funny cuz when i was flying solo, any sales above 150k more than likely were a 2-vehicle sale. but now that i have an associate backing me up, all 3 of my 250k sales have been 1-vehicle jobs every time. i assume it's all just about luck. but I wanna get other ppl's opinions and experience on this

thanks :D 

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Just fill your bunker to the brim, and change sessions if you get the Marshalls, Dune Buggies, or Merryweather "pissing in our soup" Insurgents. The Phantom Wedge and 3x regular drop off Insurgents are easily done solo if you have Farmhouse bunker, and are achievable if you have Chumash or Smoke Tree, so having one friend along will make them a walk in the park. You do need an insta-spawn aerial vehicle though, so don't attempt it without a CEO helicopter or Oppressor MK2.


Changing sessions only loses you about $10k worth of stock, which is nothing when your full bunker pays out $2.1mil this week, so it's a waste of time to do it any other way. I used to sell at the 1-vehicle limit for "security", but you end up doing so many sales it gets annoying.

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I let it get to about 500k worth sale in los santos which is around the limit for single person sale and usually get a single insurgent drop off or big rig.

Just yesterday I made one single drop off and including bonuses got about 550k

Better to do this yourself because if your friends aren't on then you don't want to be waiting with full stuck


This is for the double dough though I assume you're on about otherwise it's half as much as I said where a single person would be 180k or so or whatever it is and that would sell in LS for 280k atleast.

Edited by ?!=+_-
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Ohh i didn't take into account the double payout, so now this is urgent! :o


I was assuming regular payout, so 2 purchases of supply's worth of bunker stock. So extra payout bonus aside, only 560k of normal payout stock.


I assume the extra payout for the holiday or week thing doesn't make it any more difficult?

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