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Ignored Places


Recommended Posts

Ignored Places are what the are, places that most players ignore and never, or almost never go on there.

So, what is this Topic about anyway?
Just a discussion about then, what do you think about some specific places that almost no one go? Do you like them and just don't go because there is no reason, or you don't go there because it's useless, or ugly, or something else.

Anyway, i am putting an example here: The Cordillera in Tierra Robada (GTA SA)


A Mountain Range that serve no use in the whole game, a waste, a beautiful waste.

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I really hated that Cordillera part of the map. Especially since it just abruptly cuts straight down into the ocean. It feels like a really rushed/lazy attempt at ending the map imho

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Willy A. Jeep

In the modern games, I'm not sure I've ever seen any players in Online in the San Chianski Mountain Range. Despite a beautiful, rocky coast and hiking paths with some amazing views, there's nothing there, and it reflects. Also, beyond the dedicated, I'm not sure many players have explored the subways of Liberty City outside of missions. There's a lot of unused track, and the rails tell a story unheard.

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Its used a little bit but other than that not really, downtown in vice city


even the entire airport too

Edited by Equatecurl
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Let's start!

GTA 3:

- Italian district. Pretty pointless after beating the game, as you're wasted almost right away.

- The supermarket and the Port, as there isn't much to do there.

- I used to hate the Central park because it didn't offer much fun stuff to do, but I like it now.

- I'm trying to avoid the lower motorway along the river, because it is grey and not pretty. There's nothing there to do or look at if you're on foot.

- Aeroport. Not that I don't like it, but it's big, and if you total your car you can't get out easily. If the planes and helicopters weren't static it wold have been much better.



- Yes to downtown. Very bare.

- Mall area - always trying to skip it when driving.

- Aeroport and army place - because it takes so long to get there, and you don't really get much fun stuff to fool around with. Unless you're determined to have a proper fight with the army, in which case it is justified.



- K.A.C.C. military fuels and pretty much everything that size of the motorway from the Linden Station. It's just too far away from everywhere, but if I end up in the area I don't find it boring.

- I don't fancy going to Market and Unity Station areas, but again, if I'm there I enjoy them just as much.



- Urgh, pretty much any built up area. Can't seem to find a good map that would remind me of all the locations, but I basically tried to stay in the third island residential (top) part.

- Definitely avoid the aeroport. Getting the stars for entering it sucked big time.

- Liberty/Happiness island. Mainly because it was a pain to get to, and the new engine made flying and swimming not fun.


GTA 5:

- All of Los Santos. I would very occasionally go into the area with 1-2 story houses, but that's it. Don't mind the canals though.

- San Chianski mountains, Chilad mountain, Gordo mountain - they are not fun to drive around, and if you're walking you're killed instantly by a wild animal. They all are pretty pointless badly designed locations.

- Chumash - eugh. Horrible little village with unpleasant name.

- Ford Zancudo - an absolutely pointless location. Nothing to do there, as you're killed immediately and then spawned an hour drive from where you were. Plus the Rage engine makes it no fun trying to get into the area.

Edited by Lioshenka
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One of the most ignored places on the whole series, may be Sobell Rail Yards, in Las Venturas.
Sobell Rail Yards is a pretty out-of-place location, the whole place consist on 6 garages and a plataform that acts like train station, there is no buildings on this whole place, besides the plataform that acts like a train station, and the 6 garages, the place don't have any road connections to LV, and the only thing that may bring you there is one spary can that spawn there, by the way, ugly place.
by the way guys, may yall post some pictures of the places? we should see what are we losing.

Edited by Mattineu
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Algonquin Assassin

-Paleto Bay. Before GTA V's release I had this picture in my mind it would be the perfect getaway location when I wanted to take a break, but honestly in game it's woefully underused. The majority of the things you can do there can be found around other parts of the map anyway.


There aren't any unique interiors to explore and it's just boring. Thankfully in the outstanding Red Dead Redemption 2 every town no matter how big or small actually feels like it has a purpose so it seems like R* learned from GTA V's shortcomings and packed the game world with lots of interesting places to explore and give the player a reason to.

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As a former railfan I always cringed at how impossible and ridiculous some railway turns and junctions look like in San Andreas. Especially in Las Venturas and surroundings, you can tell at some point the developers just stopped caring about little details and consistency, and just rushed up to finish the map. The mountains near Bayside that UT does mention are another good example of that. The terrain elevations that surround Las Venturas at north and east are just there so you can't see the sea from the city.


Also in San Andreas, there's an office building near Glen Park which has a clearly visible interior. It's very basic and it doesn't have any props on it as far as I can remember, but you can tell someone spent some time making sure that building had a visible interior from the outside, which is weird considering virtually no other building in the game has this characteristic. I always wondered why, since you can't access it, it doesn't have any collision inside and is not used in any mission, aside from the beginning when CJ and his homies pass right beside it on their stolen bikes.





Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? Did you ever wonder...


...why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?
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Oh darn I missed a good opportunity to sh*tpost and say "my bedroom is an ignored place (by the ladies)"



But seriously though has anyone found a rhyme or reason as to what the f*ck this is?



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10 minutes ago, universetwisters said:


But seriously though has anyone found a rhyme or reason as to what the f*ck this is?



Maybe is the admiration center for that cock rock formation, where you can buy shirts and hats souveniers of it.

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23 hours ago, Mattineu said:

by the way guys, may yall post some pictures of the places? we should see what are we losing. 

Good idea! So I went to my games and launched 3 and SA; I didn't have VC installed, I don't owe GTA 4 and stupid GTA 5 is currently downloading a 9Gb up-date, so the rest of the images are from the internet.


Interestingly, these places look great on the screenshots, but in reality they are so damn boring and/or pointless.






































Edited by Lioshenka
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Near El Quebrados, there is this little settlement on this mountain.

There are only 3 houses on the settlement, and the only acess to the rest of the county is through a dirt road that follows the mountain.


Also, the road that cuts in the middle of the settlement and El Quebrados is beautiful, just look at it.


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21 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Oh darn I missed a good opportunity to sh*tpost and say "my bedroom is an ignored place (by the ladies)"



But seriously though has anyone found a rhyme or reason as to what the f*ck this is?



Glory hole theme park...

Yes its stupid, but where that park is located is mystery for me.

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