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XB1 - Friendly Players Grinding Lobbies - GTA | RDR2

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About FPGL:

Founded back in January 2017, we are an established friendly crew for GTA and now RDR2. We are focused on team oriented gameplay to help each other on sales and get missions done together. We are also run heists or host events for crew members from time to time.
We manage our sessions with Discord Game chat. It is a good tool for group communication and keeps the crew together even when we have to jump into a new session. You'll be able to request any sort of help there as well. Some of us use headsets as well but then it is manage those individual groups.


In GTA, we use solo sessions to build up public crew only sessions which allow us to provide a non hostile environment for our members. Our goal is grinding the game without the constant hostility that exists everywhere else. We want to get our goods sold and not blown up by toxic players in Jets or Oppressors.

Crew Events:




The game is still new but we enjoy to team up in posses and grind any kind of missions or go on the hunt together. Since the game is different in design, compared to GTA we stick together and protect our backs against hostile players.



FPGL Crew Rules:

  • Set FPGL crew as active crew when joining a FPGL any invitation. Otherwise you might be seen as hostile.
  • Have an active account on FPGL Discord chat, join in to session channels and check chat regularly while playing with crew.
  • Share help equally - Team up and help as much as you get help.
  • Help other members when under attack if they ask for help.
  • Don't bring in friends! Ask them to join in to FPGL and join crew session then. Everyone is welcome to join as long as they follow the rules.
  • Don't invite random players to in game organizations / missions / events or join their groups.
  • No long time AFK in crew session. No AFK at all with active organizations / missions in crew sessions.
  • No advertising or discussion about modding, glitching or cheating beyond cosmetic.
  • No usage of words, only certain groups would be allowed to use.
  • Don't ask for / offer any private account information or games shared for free.
  • Be friendly!


Discord Game Chat:

We use the Discord Game Chat to manage FPGL sessions or any other activity within the crew. If you're looking for a session, help or anything else it would be the first place to go to.
To make it easy for everyone, set your nickname according to your GT visible in GTA. That way, it is easy for everyone to recognize you in game or chat and send out invites to sessions or groups like MC / CEO.
If you nickname is not according to you GT moderators will set it for you.
Please be friendly in chat and don't hesitate to ask for sessions or help.



You can find us here on Social Club:



But please be aware that simply requesting invites on Social Club does not do anything. We are focused on team play and that requires at least some communication while playing. For that reason, you need to sign up on our website and join our Discord.

Join in:

If you're a friendly player and want to grind public missions, we are welcoming you to request an invite here: http://www.fpgl-crew.org

Edited by cadashka

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


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17 hours ago, Uncle Sikee Atric said:

Hi there.

Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


Well, i've added it. I wasn't aware of that rule and i've never had an issue with a similar post in the GTA only section and not having this link for more then a year. I only made this post in here as we are now playing GTA and RDR. Simply requesting invites on Socialclub does pretty much contradict the way we run our crew. We want people to communicate with each other and that is something Socialclub alone does not help with.


I've placed the link to our website to Socialclub as well. Thanks for your help and thanks for offering a place to find interested players!

Edited by cadashka

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Taking a break in camp after a busy day.



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Providing proper protection:


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