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Your Favourite Radio Commercials

Grotti Vigilante

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Grotti Vigilante

Now as we've always known, GTA is pretty much a satirical take on American pop culture from an outsider's perspective (Scotland in this case with Rockstar North), and inevitably part of this comes from the advertising in game (which to a Brit like me is known as an advert), and most of these are on the radio. So as GTA fans, let us all talk about our favourite radio commercials from some of the GTA games over the years. For me personally, some of them are the Cluckin' Bell song commercials from GTA San Andreas which are catchy and hilarious at the same time, the "Night After Dark" commercial in Vice City with the additionally humorous bonus of "Rated R for Retarded" (a nice mickey-take on many cliched horror movies), the BabiesOvernight(dot)com commercial from GTA IV for suggesting that if we aren't satisfied, just throw it in the trash and they'll send you another one, and Righteous Slaughter 7's commercial in GTA V solely for being a mickey-take on Call of Duty with the brilliant rating "PG - Pretty Much The Same As The Last Game". But go one and tell us your favourites! Have fun.

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GTA Vice City Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts. "I like to lick lovingly around the outside, and then thrust my tongue in the middle."

Edited by FlexiveFowl
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I liked the Pets Overnight ones from GTA 3. They were part of my first memories playing the game.



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In all seriousness, I cannot single out any 'bad' or boring commercial throughout the entire franchise, they are all witty and entertaining. On the other hand, I really wouldn't know what to single out in particular as well, 'cause I adore them all for their cheesy satirical character that fits perfectly inside GTA worlds and often comes as a needed break or to lighten up the general mood.

I don't know whether it counts or not, but I always had a 'crush' on news reporting about game events, lol, strange but it's like that.

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I gotta give props to R* for these commercials and talk shows. Whenever I'm listening to them I feel like the world is alive and this is actually happening at the moment in the game's world.


My favorite is Petsovernight.com

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  • 1 month later...

When anyone tries to jack my car, I bring out my Sh-Uzi!

Edited by Yinepi
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Giggle cream from vice city

Gta 3 pogo the monkey

Gta 3 diet commercial i had my hands chopped off my mouth sewn up😂

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I've played 3, VC & SA and Mike Andrews' commercials are by far my favorite especially this one.




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Algonquin Assassin

GTA IV. Al Dente's.


GTA IV. Pisswasser.


Vice City. Knife After Dark. "Rated R for retarded" lol.


Vice City. Shady Acres.


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IV's political ads were some of the funniest stuff they've ever written. And considering how political discourse has really decayed in recent years, eerily prophetic:


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