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How was 2018 for you?

Jerking For Soup

Recommended Posts

Jerking For Soup

there. now people won't start f*cking necroing the 2017 one again to post some useless bullsh*t. plus I want to post so I'm starting this however the f*ck many days in advance.


ok 2018 was a literal nightmare for me. gone through a lot of depression, didnt have much free time, exams, exams, exams so yeah yeah it was a pretty pissy year. 

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Absolutely superb. In fact, might just be the best year of my life yet.

bash the fash m8s 

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Protests and riots in France, Hungary, even Serbia, but Croatia is also extremely fucced up but we barely have any protest movements in the same proportion as the former 3, just opposition and folks bashing and whining...


Music: meh, mainstream just getting worse, even most remixes are terrible, but i must admit underground holds up pretty well, but even if some electronic genres from 90s and early 2000s like breakbeat and techno have relatively many old-school sounding tracks, they're generally too much modernized, like including trap elements, and i mean like Lil Wayne type of trap, i mean, crap, in some songs, and David Guetta elements in others, and they even share elements with and are influenced by dubstep which is not really that surprising


Movies: i don't watch them too much but i liked Johnny English Strikes Again


Gaming: RDR2 is a masterpiece and i don't really care about indies


Personal life: screwed as it has always been

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Very very horrible, I've had more negativity in 2018 than in any year. It was quite sh*tty, a lot of bad things happened. 😐 


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sh*tty, everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

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Currently playing Polybius

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I bought a house, owned a K Car for a month, and drove all the way up to New Jersey to see my friend so it was p good

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Rocket man FI

It just went fine.Never realized it will pass so quickly.

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Came and went quickly.


Had a difficult and technical job to deliver this year which was stressful, but we got there in the end.

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Wasn't much of a bad year tbh. I got a better job from my previous one, which in turn helped with my finances. Other than that, everything else was well predictable and stationery.


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  • Freshman in college, f*cked it up in many aspects. 
  • Made no friends, lost old ones. 
  • Anxiety (diagnosed before knowing it for years) and high functioning depression? got worse.
  • My personality keeps going down the drain.
  • Dog died (fml on the 30th day, jfc) 


In other words, generally terrible. Goes straight to sh*t list.

I am traumatized. I'll do my best to erase all memories from it. Like, It could've been worse but every bad year feels like a new low.


I mean, one year you feel like things are going well and improving and the other... The complete opposite.

What am I supposed to feel?



Edited by BlackScout
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1 hour ago, just do it bob1 said:

just by looking at this thread, is half the population depressed?

Well, to be fair, while I can't speak for others, despite my year being utter sh*t, I still put up a smile and kept my positivity. I didn't let all the things that happened get me depressed. I always said to myself, things could get worse, while I'm still living with a roof over my head, with money in the bank, I can pull through. 

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School Wise - It was a pretty good year at college for me, I got straight A's in the spring semester, and A's and B's in my Fall Semester despite the latter semester almost kicking my ass.


Life Wise - I got my first real good job that payed decent enough for what it was and I had a good experience working there. I experienced history before my eyes as Beyonce threw a monumental performance at 2018's Coachella Music Fest and also her Global Citizen Festival

I ended up going to my very first concert and seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z on their On The Run II Tour so that was really the highlight of my year there! I also finally got to upgrade my custom self-built PC somewhat, but I'm not completely finished upgrading it.  


Relationship Wise - I had ups and downs that guy i thought i would like fell through, and other than that I spent the year single. Now, I have 2 new guys that I like so i shall see what happens with this hopefully the one i really wants acts right and all goes well .


So in conclusion, my 2018 was a pretty good year  I hope 2019 will be even better.

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chronic lumbago

I've been doing so good that it's boring. Wasted too much money on useless bullsh*t. Should've saved up for a new car.


Living alone in a cheap apartment has its financial perks. My pay is good and my bills are cheap. Climbed the ladder at work a little bit too. Many would call my one room apartment a sh*thole, but it's enough for me.

Edited by chronic lumbago
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19 hours ago, just do it bob1 said:

just by looking at this thread, is half the population depressed?

The last couple years were not that great, but I'm not depressed, not enough sh*t to make me go down that route, I guess

Currently playing Polybius

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Hmmm nice bike

Outside of a few moments of brilliance, it f*cking sucked. The early part of the year and the last few weeks haven't been bad, but there was a lot of crap in-between. I'm looking forward to 2019 a lot more now than ever.

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A mix of great and bad days, 2017 was better.

I think 2019 is gonna be a nice year.

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Algonquin Assassin

Besides the launch of the greatest game this generation Red Dead Redemption 2 it's just been like every other year for me. Ups, downs and everything in between.

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Pretty neutral or somewhat disappointing. I will definitely turn things around in 2019. I have high hopes this year. The last good year I had was 2015. It's been a long time since I have felt the joy of success and accomplishment but this year is my time. I'm sure of it. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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2018 was the year I called:

"Spotlight Year of Edgy Memes"

Edited by CanadianMuscle
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Unamusingly average for me.

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Started off the new year on a good foot, got promoted to F/T at my job.


End of January, minutes before my Birthday, I smashed my 2016 Challenger SRT 392 into a tree. I was not drunk or under any influence of anything; maybe poor judgement. 

Car was down 4 months. 


Traveled a bit, had fun. 


Ended 2018 in a 2018 Challenger Hellcat 6 speed. 

Def can’t complain. 

Rockstar better give me a Challenger Hellcat Widebody for 2019 in game lol. 

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If I have to live through another 2016, 2017 and 2018, either I won't make it to the end, or others won't.


Misery and pain only builds character up to a certain point, then it stops.

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