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GTA VI: This gen or not?


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Do you think R* will release GTA VI on this generation of consoles? I think it's 50-50, they are not stupid and they know millions of people have PS4 and Xbox One, so if they release it withing the next 1,5 - 2 years they will surely release it first on this generation. And just like with GTA 5, they will most likely later release it for the next gen consoles and later PC. They wouldn't release it right away on the next generation. UNLESS... They are not planning on releasing this game in the next 2 years (and unfortunately this may be the truth) and then they will surely release it for Next Gen straight away. Am I missing something?

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I think they would do the same thing as V, last gen, then next gen release. Best way to make money.


 But who knows, they could also wait. I am almost certain gtav was originally supposed to be on ps4 but chopped down for ps3, they didn’t even confirm what console it would be on until the second trailer. Just looking at the first trailer of V you can see how much has changed. 


Benzies leaving and rdr2 having a great story and slow gameplay gives me hope for rockstar not blowing thier load and just waiting until mid next gen. They can have a ton of other projects to fill the gap. 


But at the same time we never got a proper gta for ps4 yet so we dont know what it can handle and rdr2 is amazing so I don’t see an issue if they stay on current gen unless they are going to be really ambitious with 6. 

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They should repeat the V style, definitely don't want to wait until mid next gen. I really want a GTA VI already

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Chunky Chopsticks

I hope it comes out mid next gen. Although I really want VI to happen, I would rather wait the extra couple years so that they can release the game in its full potential and not have to cut some out so it fits on current gen.

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I think they’ll go the V route. It takes a LONG time to make a GTA, and they can only do 1 per generation after the console power has become as good as it is now, so they’ll need it to return as much profit as possible. The V route was a great way to maximise sales. At the end of a generation, where the PS/Xbox bases are huge. Everyone buys it. Then everyone buys it again because it’s an enhanced version. And then add PC sales. It’s no wonder that the sales of V dwarfs that of any other R* game. V has sold almost as much as all other GTAs combined. That is f*cking CRAZY! And it’s not even the best GTA.

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Not enough time for announcement to release with new consoles likely to be coming sometime next year. And yes, they won't announce it later this year to release it a year later. There's absolutely no evidence of its existence under full production. We're probably looking at one game per generation from Rockstar unless they expand their studios and find a way to maintain the quality they always strive for, but I doubt it. There's a handful of the same writers for each game they release, always headed by Dan Houser. 

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