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Im about to finish the mission and can't. I get right in front of Lance and he doesn't do anything. No cutscene is triggered and he's just left to die and the mission fails. Have any of you seen this problem?

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This glitch sometimes appear in the PC, but not always and not two times did you try to restart the mission again or just simply post this topic directly?


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This glitch has happened to me a couple of times in past on the PC version as well (on the mobile the mission worked fine). I have no idea how or why it happens but it is possible there may have been an enemy you left behind, who killed Lance. I suggest once you rescue Lance, get in the nearby vehicle as soon as possible (there should be a sentinel parked nearby), drive to hospital while avoiding the Diaz' guys coming after you in Comets and then you should be able to finish the mission. Hope this helps!

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