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Guest Guest176525326

This is how you play Blackjack... Gambler #8

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Guest Guest176525326
On 2/3/2019 at 6:55 PM, Cutter De Blanc said:

I wonder what the odds of winning with a 11 card hand are.


2+2+2+2+3+1+1+1+1+3+3 =21


I am willing to bet no one in history has ever had this hand before...

Edited by Guest176525326

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Challenge 9 isn't patched. Two nights ago I went to the St Denis all fives domino game and got up during the second game and it didn't reset.

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I won once in about 15mins then 2hrs on nothing,it’s driving me crazy. So many times I’ve drawn 3 n got 18 or 19 but dealer always wins. Aaaaahhhhgg

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Cutter De Blanc

I both recieved and beat this challenge last night. Resigned myself to playing Blackjack like an asshole, strapped on my bison hood and headed down to Rhodes.


It only took me about an hour, and really wasn't all that bad. I took to standing on 19 and 20 since I couldnt make five cards with it unless i had an ace anyway. Not like I was there playing explicitly to lose after all.


Ive been enjoying the gambler challenges more than I thought I would.


EDIT: Gambler 9 was tougher, it took me a couple of hours, ended up shooting Bob down at Emerald station a few times for my trouble. 

Gambler 10 is a joke though, should have required you to bust out a full table.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc

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I’m on my 3rd play through and I just finished Gambler 8 in 1 hour at Van horn. This was the fastest I have ever finished this. Here’s what I did, play at Van Horn because it’s the lowest bet before epilogue. 

#1 Never get frustrated.

Don’t leave your table, because the longer you stay, the game will know that your trying to beat Challenge Gambler 8 (That’s just my assumption).

#2 Do not bet the minimum.

I didn’t win a single challenge the first 30 mins I started playing, because I was betting the 2 cents minimum and the game was giving me better cards to win.

I started betting more than the minimum, between 20-40 cents. I started getting lower cards and less Jack, Queen and King, because now the game doesn’t want me to win and use blackjack as a money maker in the game. Don’t bet max either.

#3 Never split two low cards or Aces.

You get excited every time you get two A’s and your tendency is to split it. Do not split, because the next cards will be high or J, Q, K.

During my first two play through I always split A’s and end up with high cards. Play them as two A’s and your chances of getting a high card is lower.

I did those things and finished Gambler 8 in 30 minutes. That would be 1 hour including the first 30 mins of not winning.


As for Gambler 9, it’s really easy. Watch a video on YouTube and it is easier than you think. You don’t have to win 3 straight times. If you think you’re about to lose you can leave and if you have already won 1 set, it will not reset, because if you stay and lose the count will reset to “0”. 

Here is the best video explaining how to beat Gambler 9. Thanks to this guy. I don’t worry about

Gambler 9.


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