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Legendary Bull Gator... What am I doing wrong??

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  So...., I normally do all side missions/activities in a given chapter before moving on. An am now in Chapter 4 an just raided LeBronte's mansion (Revenge is a dish best eaten). Now I'm trying to go after that Legendary Bull Gator that we met during "Country Pursuits", an am in the general area (on the bank of the swamp above the U in Bayou) which is apparently where he is, but for some reason, I'm not even getting the notification, "You have found a Legendary Animal". What gives... is it glitched??


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Cutter De Blanc

You cannot hunt it until Chapter 6

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An here I was thinkin the internet an YT told the truth! 😒😒  Thanks Cutter! ✌

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You sure about the Chpt6 thing?  I was doing a playthru a couple months ago and got it on the Map in chpt2 [[IIRC]]-went into Chpt 3 and decided to do a restart to try and lose the NPCs not showing in camp.


In the latest I have no found it yet and was wondering WTF?


Just started a second [[3rd]] playthur in the master bedroom so the wife can watch as she loves the games but cannot play herself as it gives her a form of motion sickness [[sort of rare but real-hence the warnings about flashing lights and such when you start the game.]]


Was planning to head over and hunt it down tonight or tomorrow after I get the semi-auto shotty and the rolling block along with poison arrows.

[[I use poison arrows on anything I want to kill and not risk it running off, Rolling Block in case it is too far for the Arrows and shotty to keep the rest of the critters off my butt when tromping thru the muck looking for Oleander. As I hate getting eaten by Gaters.   BTW if you pop one in the rear with a varmint arrow it will move on and not make a lot of noise to scare the other critters you might want for 3* pelts.]]


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If I remember correctly, you can't hunt it until Ch.4, BUT alot of people will not be able to hunt it before Ch.6, because bugs.

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Cutter De Blanc

It doesn't even show up on the map in chapter 4, you can't hunt it until chapter 6

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Must have been a bug on my side then.  Granted I never *saw* it the first time-I got the mssg I had discovered a Legendary Animal and it showed on the Map.   I spent a couple of in-game days hunting for it or it's sign using small game arrows on the extra Gaters in the area to shoo them off but to [[hopefully]] not scare the Legendary one off.   Finally went and fished out the Legendary fish nearby and got the Cat Mask out of that scrapheap of a house.


Long before the gang moved to the nearby camp after Rhodes so I did not realize it was a Chpt4 or after thing and have been trying to get it to appear again [[not on this playthrus map]] both before andafter I did the nighttime swamp mission with Dutchfact I just started the second part of that Christmas eve before the wife decided we needed to do a bunch of stuff because her cousin decided he could come here to eat after all as his plans fell thru and he wanted to bring his brothers with him.

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