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For apocalypse vehicles, the game does need a WALKING DEAD lobby!

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Well I'm not expecting a DLC. And I guess what I expect here won't really happen. Let's assume there's a special type of public lobbies, which can be entered like invite only lobbies. Weather is forever gloomy. All pedestrians are zombies. There's no driveable NPC vehicles. Roads are full of nonfunctional vehicles and some wrecks. All billboards display Kifflom as the only belief for survivors. For your survival you have to use apocalypse vehicles which are perfectly designed for this scenario. You kill or you die. Or you die and you kill. Once infected by a pedestrian you are announced dead and you can no longer use any vehicle. But before revive you have 60 seconds with fast run, super jump, high resistance and blip-on-others-radar (cuz you turn cold blooded). You have a overpowered fist to smash other apocalypse vehicles as well as deadly nails to infect other players. In that world two rival characters are Cris from the Epsilon Program and Trevor from the Walking Dead. You can buy and run businesses under one of these two heads to make money. Also there're a bunch of dedicated events, such as special blood serum delivery, to earn $ and RP... It won't happen, but anyway, does anybody else enjoy this idea?


Edited by Misa.And.Her.Hubby

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Halloween was the perfect opportunity to impliment a "Walking Dead" theme.  I suggested this idea before every Halloween (blackout city,  no working NPC vehicles,  all NPCs as zombies,  gotta get ammo from ammo drops,  etc).  It wouldve fit perfectly into Los Santos considering the TV show "Fear The Walking Dead" was in LA.  Nah we got adversary modes instead.  Never understood why they could make it snow,  add christmas trees everywhere,  etc for the holidays but not put forth the same effort for Halloween.

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Love the thought.   Actually wondered if that lobby, done well, may force players to team up to survive.  Then I laughed.  

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I liked it up to the point of infection. Don't need a new game here, just some new ambience, couple new weapons and some new objectives


Still sounds better than arena wars though

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