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Using Barbara to Proof Vehicles

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On PC, I use Barbara ( cop GF in the Desert) to make any vehicle AP (all-proof). I do quarry missions EXCEPT the LAST one which I save for this.

save the car to convert in Verdant Meadows garage or Hangar ( this works for all vehicles, but I'll only explain about cars)

save with fast bike at Fort Carson, so you wake between 2200-2300 race to Quarry

Start the last quarry mission with OM=0, (I assume you know about this)

race the Sanchez to start date with Barbara (if she wants to Dance, reload)

Don't accept coffee ( just wait out timer from Quarry mission 

when Quarry mission fails, race to the car to convert, and drive it to the North side of Pirates in Mens Pants, and drown the car (not TOO deep, you'll need to smim/push it back out of the pool), soon as the car is submerged, accept the coffee from Barbara (staying IN the car). After cutscene is ended, exit the car and push out your new AP vehicle. 

this way, you don't have to worry about Michelle driving off without you. (although I don't play on Mobile , this is a PC method I use, and hope it works for you.)

on the slim chance your car is not converted, then the car wasn't submerged deep enough

Edited by ChasingCoyote

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Hmmm... That looks nicely. If I have time in future I will confirm this. 

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That's been known for about two years now xd

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