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[VC] Crash for Map Addition

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So I want to add a piece of map into VC to see what it looks like (custom made) and it keeps crashing half way through, I don't know if it's the COL since I have it on Version 1, the DFF I exported with Deniskas script, and then I even used GF's Updated Kam's script, and multi-exported the DFF with the VC tab clicked. What may be the problem? Thanks -

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It would be helpful if you provide a link to the mod which is causing the crash.

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It's a custom map, not a mod. I'm making it my self.

I said so in the original post.

Edited by deltaCJ

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Reasons why the game will crash while loading:

-duplicate IDE IDs

-missing collision file

-invalid paths in gta_vc.dat


If the dff is faulty, it will crash the game mid-gameplay (when the game tries to spawn it).


Possible fixes:

-Use a limit adjuster, like Open Limit Adjuster, to increase map limits like ipl entries.

-Ensure that your models don’t use IDs in IDE that are occupied by original files.

-Ensure that the collision mesh exists in one of the collision files in gta3.img and has the same name as the dff. As a precaution, remove isolated vertices with CollEditor2 (that will force it to rebuild the col file)

-Ensure that all of the paths defined in gta_vc.dat are valid and that you define all necessary files.



-keep separate ide/ipl/col/img for your custom map parts to avoid editing original files.

Edited by guard3

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Thank you @guard3 definitely helped!

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