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Grotti Vigilante

Honour System for future GTA Games.

Could an Honour System work in Grand Theft Auto?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Could an Honour System work in Grand Theft Auto?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Unsure

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Grotti Vigilante

This is something I have been thinking about recently, and what seems to be a suggested idea for the next GTA game is that if the honour system from Red Dead Redemption and it's sequel were to be tweaked it could potentially work in GTA. Personally I don't know if I agree with this yet since I'm not convinced it could work, but I'll explain that later. Regarding an honour system though, one of the ways I could imagine it is in a similar manner to the "Respect" system in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You gained respect in that game for completing missions and gaining respect would allow you to recruit more gang members for each landmark reach in the respect level (not sure what the defining points are though). The problem with this though is that unless you for a gang-themed game like San Andreas or at least have a gang in the game like in Vice City where you could recruit people from the Vercetti Estate, it may feel out of place. Additionally, unlike Red Dead's honour system, GTA's respect system didn't seem to go backwards.


Never mind any potential benefits for what would happen if you got high honour, that could be anything from discounted clothes and weapons to any other ideas really. But what would happen if you didn't get high honour and were in fact low in honour? Would you want to get punished for being a bad citizen? The problem with trying to punish you for having low honour is that unlike Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto wasn't set up with the idea of being honourable, and if you're going to be punished in-game long term by doing things such as killing sprees or car jackings, things that are defining traits of the series, then you've seriously changed the formula to the point of it not feeling the same. I'm sure that's not just me who thinks that either. I suppose you could just reward people for being good and honourable with discounts, but given you earn so much money in game what good would it do? In Red Dead we never often had lots of money and had to find other ways to earn it. GTA you could potentially get paid $20,000 for doing a simple task. See the difference? 


So my take on an honour system would be that it would probably not work in GTA without changing the formula of either the honour system as a whole, or by changing the formula of GTA in a manner that doesn't feel right. If you would like to give your opinion on my take of the honour system, or if you have your own idea about how it could work, or if in fact you agree with me and want to elaborate further on things I missed, then please discuss and leave your thoughts below. Also if you have time, do give an answer to the above poll. 

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No. In rdr it makes sense bc rdr has more complex characters in regards to morality whereas GTA characters are always deranged killers.

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