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Kidney Beans bugged out!!


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I eat alot of beans int the game, basically 95% of all nutrition!!  I usually got my Kidney beans at the store and never had an issue but as ive progressed i basically get everything i need out of the catalog and just pick them all up at the post office. This is where the problem started, i ordered a ton of kidney beans from the catalog and they show up at the post office as expected and i loaded the 20 you can hold onto but i cant access them unless i go to my satchel which is time consuming and annoying.  They never show up on the wheel as they always did before.  Im going to try to use them all up using the satchel method and then see if purchasing them from the store will fix the issue but thats gonna take awhile as i bought alot of them and that method didnt work when i tried just using a few of them and then buying the replacements at the store.  


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Cant help but while were at it,i hope you can customize the wheel...its stupid you have to go to the satchel for meat. Also wanna put carrots on no1 spot for the horse.

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That seems to be the way it is - anything bought thru the mail goes to the satchel and anything from the store goes to the wheel. I found out the same way when I ordered a sh*tload of beans and carrots for me and the horse.

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I did that with worms, and they don’t show up on my bait wheel, although they are in my satchel.

f*cking Rockstar...

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