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XBOX: Not receiving treasure maps from ranking/hideouts



At this time I am rank 16, I have only received 1 treasure map which was the very first one given. I have cleared at least 8-10 hideouts and still get nothing. All the while my friends are getting maps constantly.


i quit playing at rank 16, in my particular case I don’t see any benefit to continued play. Pvp games are cool but I don’t want my rdo experience to solely be pvp games. At this point it’s the only way I can make any real xp or money because stranger missions although buffed, still don’t pay well and to be honest, are about as engaging as putting a spike through my hand would be.


You take away my only other real source of income (treasure maps) and what’s the point in playing at all? The game world is bland, dull, almost void of life. Sure I can grief and kill people but that even gets boring quickly, check my last few sessions rockstar, I’m like 55-4 against players in online lobby merely playing only two 3-4 hour sessions.


Any way, story was best story I’ve ever played. Online however, it’s a disaster and a travesty to say the least. You can’t hide behind bets when you’ve got a fully functioning store, name one AAA beta in gaming that has an open store? Early access games don’t count.

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Not every hideout gives a treasure map when you clear it. 

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35 hideouts done here not one map 


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35 done and 16 maps.


Some are bugged and no boss spawns or it doesnt register that you cleared it. All my maps have been looted from the NPC's I kill not the boss or chest.

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