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Arthur Morgan's Name Comes From King Arthur Legend Easter Egg

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At the end of chapter 6, 


Arthur dies


King Arthur Dialogue at 3:33

and immediately the Epilogue kicks in with a conversation between John Marston and his family. Jack Marston starts to talk about books he likes to read and he says he's been reading about Knights of the Roundtable. John replies with a question, "The King, what's his name?" and Jack responds with King Arthur and mentions other characters from King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere. Jack gets called Lancelot by John when incognito as Marston Family.


Here is a comment I found here on GTAForums 

Arthur Morgan's name is 2 names from Legend of King Arthur. Arthur Pendragon and Morgan Le Fey



Now here comes some emails about some Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V I personally have found and posted online numerous times on youtube and reddit. I had a theory about King Arthur in GTA V before RDR 2 and Arthur Morgan were announced and heres the proof. https://imgur.com/a/cuEnGrB In GTA V there is a trail attached to the Galileo Observatory called ARTHUR'S PASS.....this connects to the Mt. Chiliad Mystery in my theory as it all has to do with King Arthur and Excalibur.....in Grand Theft Auto 1 in San Andreas there was a neigborhood called Excalibur check this video for a cool timeline i did with commentary of these king Arthur and Dragon clues. 



Let me know in the comments on your thoughts. I got about 70 youtube vids on Dragon and King Arthur Easter Eggs and am just starting to commentate now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out. Here is one of my Reddit post as well. Youtube-ChiliadCrusaderKevin






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Also note that in the legend I believe Sir Lancelot as a baby was found by the lake supposedly as an orphan but there was speculation he might secretly have been (King) Arthurs (illegitimate) son.


As you’ve pointed out Jack adopts the pseudonym Lancelot. Note from the undercurrents inthe story between Arthur and Abigail, plus what he writes about her in his journal. What do you think R* are hinting at here?

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