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Cameron Star

What kind of outlandish content do you expect R* to introduce to RDO in a few years?

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Brain dump

Something similar to heists in GTA (imagine a bank heist in St. Denis similar to Pac Standard). A huge bank heist set in the old west would be awesome.

Train Robberies (heist or missions, make it happen).

GTA businesses = Actual gold mine operation in RDO for a trickle of income. Panning for gold?

My own cabin with ability to add stable, herb garden, etc.

Any activity that would encourage co-op play and NOT encourage killing the ever-loving f*ck out of each other would be a win-win.

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Anything time relevant to the late 1890s, involving plausible lego pieces to freeroam without the hovering, controlling Rockstar parent telling me how to play their my game gets my solid vote in RDO.


And might even convince me to buy some gold bars out of sheer shock and awe.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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On 12/28/2018 at 12:22 AM, Reyvar said:



As a side note.. why does my character have to eat like three whole deer a day and still somehow stay "underweight", but my horse is totally cool with a carrot every day or two?



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Rockstar logic.


Same reason why your horse can't just eat like horses do IRL--and the wild horses do in RDO--you know, the grass and herbs all around him while he's hitched in a field, etc.


Monetization. Have to sell cubes of hay and carrots to players...


But I've discovered that carrots are very efficient--eating just one enables your horse to generate several times its weight in fresh manure.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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