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Pink Pineapple

GTA VI map leak?

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I have seen this kind of work in the mapmaking thread, so, I don't think this is a leak. Someone has made a map, but it's not R*.

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Pink Pineapple
8 hours ago, killdrivetheftvehicle said:

I have seen this kind of work in the mapmaking thread


Those are obviously fan-made because parts are copy/pasted and the city layouts don't always make sense.

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Probably fake but the speculation is exciting nonetheless lol

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As others have pointed out, it's 2019. Even budget smartphones can take a photo of a much higher clarity than the one posted. In addition, making fake maps is not a new thing, nor is it necessarily difficult. Case in point:



Looking at the map, the road structure for the country area looks like something out of Forza Horizon. Far too simple for such a large area, and the blending is suspect. The islands for Vice City do look more or less how I'd expect R* to deal with them, but the rest of the map seems an afterthought. And if you can remember that much detail from the "whole" map, then why draw it in Paint instead of taking another photo?


That said, there is one small possibility that this photo could be a hell of a lot older than the OP has let on, thus explaining the dismal quality somewhat. It's a known fact that work on IV began the second San Andreas released, during which both Stories Games, Midnight Club 3, The Warriors, Bully and Manhunt 2 were put out by the company. In this instance, there are two possibilities:

  • 1. The map for Vice City was designed at the same time as LS, and this photo is from the beginning of this decade.
  • 2. The map for Vice City was designed immediately after LS, placing it from 2012 - 2013.

That is the only way I see this being in any shape real. That the photo has been sat on for a long while and only posted now that a lot of ex R* employees have split from the company. Just to entertain the very slim chance that it isn't yet another fake.


Finally I decided to run the original image through FotoForensics, in order to easily spot any evidence for Photoshop.



Parts of the water do seem to be suspect (there's a slight blue tinge that doesn't look natural), but the landmass doesn't show any obvious signs of manipulation.


In conclusion, I am erring on the side of caution since map leaks have never proven true, though leaks in general still occur with regards to GTA (such as the one which named the characters a full year in advance, along with the infamous "Albert Da Silva"), but if they did, I doubt you'd see them. And the map shape is far too similar to Los Santos. No way they'd make a map that close to one they already have.

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This looks very fake to me, the formation of the islands are what set me off, the island near the main city(which I assume it's Vice City) looks mostly believable because that how I think R* would do Vice City in the HD universe...


But that lonely island southeast of the map? And quite far away from everything else? Looks like it was just pasted in there.


And there are no other islands like the lone either that could justify the odd formations.


Also, wasn't the city and the land meant to be to the south, with the everglades to the west?


Also, I think a setting in 1985 is very unlikely as it limits content possibilities...But it has my full support of it if that's what they decide to do.

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Actually if you look at Southern Florida there is a lot of green country and Everglades to the south of Miami all the way to the keys.  I lived between Miami and key largo for a couple years.  

The comments regarding this photo as fake due to low quality aren’t considering the fact that this photo could’ve been taken from a distance or zoomed up onto from as much as 100 ft. Away. If taken quickly from a phone camera it may not have had time to focus. 

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