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Mr.Cripps keeps moving my camp.


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This has happened a few times now where I set my camp some where in Red Dead Online and a few minutes later Mr.Cripps moves my camp without me saying so, to almost always the other side of the map.

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Happening to pretty much everyone, was heading to my camp set up on shore on the east side of the map and then Cripps moved it to north of Tumbleweed.

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Happens to me all the time! And it's always on the opposite side of the map. Hopefully they implement an option that let's me spawn directly into my camp, when logging into the game.

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I think the issue is that there's only a limited amount of spots per region and in a 20+ man lobby (and because people tend to not have camps in remote parts of the map) there ends up being conflict, so someone gets moved. The new location seems to be chosen at complete random too rather than using your current location and finding a spot as close as possible.


It's really not a particularly well thought out system, much like the rest of the camp system. Lot of glaring and obvious issues with it from both a grief and design point of view, lot of work to be done with them to make them useful.

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I think by this point people probably won't object to having Cripps publicly hanged for all the lobby to see. Just pick the town, time, weather, etc. and people will be there. They need to have a system where you can have the option spawn into your camp when you log on and when you get out of matches and missions. It would be good for people who bought the maxed amount of ammo and special ammo and had it stored in their Lock Box and Post Office Parcels to re-up on ammo change outfits or adjust outfits etc and continue from there to hunt, fish, roam around, or hop back in a match or mission. Good way to use the camps as a re-up quick stop to help us keep on a steady pace of getting this money and experience to level up.

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3 hours ago, XxJazzy42xX said:

I think by this point people probably won't object to having Cripps publicly hanged for all the lobby to see. 

I was thinking something along the lines of Cripps being used as bait when I'm hunting a bear.


But now you mention it, I'm fully behind his public hanging.

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It's probably intentional. Someone else set up camp in the area, so yours got moved. You just have to pay to set yours up again and make that other player pay to kick you out again.

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I think the camp is actually an extension of Cripps, some sort of weird symbiotic or dual-lifeform.  Cripps feeds off of emotions of disappointment and anger.  He is invincible and mute, a silent demon sent to destroy us.

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The whole camp feature sucks big balls the way it has been designed and implemented.


Rockstar has gone to great lenghts and complicated the sh*t out of such a simple thing.


There's absolutely no logic behind the way it works as of now. It's as if it wasn't even a team of human and game developers whom has thought of this.


I made posts and posts complaining and discussing how it could be better. I guess I must really sound like a broken disc right now.


Alas, I fear it will stay the same. It would require a complete rewrite of the feature. Furthermore, with the way RDR Online seems to be heading, I don't expect major changes being applied to the mechanic. I think we will mostly see new PVP game modes and small freeroam activities, with little modification to what is already in place.


I expect new clothes for Cripps, and new utterly useless customization options for my camp, such as a sh*tty cow pelt hanging from one my tents.


The game would be so fun if we could actually just plant our small camp just where the fluck we want, just as in single player. TADAM!! It's already written in the script as well, so why give your team so much work annd make it so sh*tty?



Edited by Bad Azz
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Camps will change location when/if you join a new session and your current camp location is occupied by another player in that new session.


Camps will change location when/if you start/join a posse. When you join a posse your camp switched to the posse leaders “posse camp”. Posse camps and personal camps have different layouts.


Camps will change location if your posse size changes. 4 player posses and 7 player posses have different camp layouts.


if you don’t want you camp to change location, avoid these triggers.

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Cripps/Camp is the stupidest part of the game to me thus far.   I get why they just dont give us the Story mode instant campsites as people would abuse them for PVP purposes but there has to be a better solution than the current camp.  I play daily and ive used it 3 times with the 3rd time i just happened to come across it roaming around and figured  what the heck, may as well stop by and see what  Mr. CrippShat is doing.  I dont need a roaming camp, give me a ranch or cabin that never moves and i would be happy.

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