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Showdown Things


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I've been hopping into a Showdown now and then to get my XPs up, but just now the best I got was 98XP in a Most Wanted in Tumbleweed. I was doing pretty well too, as far as I go.  Did they secretly do something about the XP rewards in Showdown? I remember getting way more for about the same rank placement and k/d.


Also, I shot someone in the head at point blank range twice, just before I realised I wasn't having any fun. Granted, I was using a Varmint Rifle, but I've capped people with one shot at range no problem.

Now, I know there's an ability card that has your hat negate one headshot, but are these cards also active in Showdowns? 

And if yes, why the hell? Shouldn't there be some semblance of equal footing in a competition?

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All dead eyes and passive abilities are allowed and can be used in showdown. I think it's a way of giving yourself advantage or adjusting to certain game style. Like if I'm playing most wanted, it might be better to have slow and steady on. For name your weapon where I mostly run around with shotgun, it might be better off with that close quarter damage card. Different styles of gameplay.

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Damnit. Now I'm gonna have to go and invest in these bloody ability cards then.

As a religiously faithful believer in the Arrival Of The Invite Session I feel I don't need these cards in the long run.

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