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Ring Dang Do

Missing Princess.2

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Ring Dang Do

Think we need to start a new thread as the old one hasn't been updated and it's full of a lot of theories that have been proven wrong. Let's try and solve this mystery as it's driving me insane.


What I have noticed while searching for stolen hats is that I can go to the same location about 20 different times and never see the hat I want until it randomly appears which is giving me some hope for finding the Princess as we may just be missing a clue that pops up.


What we know so far;


She is blonde with a birthmark on her right hand and left cheek. She should be about 20 years old when playing as Arthur and older if you are playing at the end.


Poster of Princess in Van Horn outside of bar


Man in van horn bar talks about people passing through van horn searching for the princess.


Princess locker with her initials on it is in the Van Horn fence


A camper near Elysian Pool talks about search for her for about 7 years and says he has a lead that she was in Van Horn.


The poster and text of poster 




Newspaper text of missing princess 




Close up of locker in fence with crest



The only window at night you can look through of the fence shows the princess's trunk



The back door of the fence has a prompt to open it yet it does not open. This prompt doesn't show up for any other doors that won't open.




We know that that the princess, 

is not The girl at Emerald Ranch

is not Sadie

is not the prostitute in valantine

is not the Braithwaite girl

is not the girl at the Norwegian post



Edited by Ring Dang Do
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I still wonder if she's truly in the game or not considering there is no listed VA. I wonder if she's scrapped content but then again it's so odd how they let you pick up this mission just like you'd do as a bounty.

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