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Things you'd want to see in God of War 5


Recommended Posts

1. A much better. I understand keeping the map closed. But once you reach an area it should show you pathways. Especially since so much backtracking is needed. Trying to find some of the Valkyrie chambers once I had hit level 8 was a real pain.


2. Less text. Same as Horizon. I don't want to spend ages stopping to read lore. Hire a voice actor to read it out while I explore.


3 A second weapon for Atreus. A full on melee weapon. A third for Kratos. Possibly a stealth weapon.


4. Atreus control sections. Not meaning that Kratos has to be put out of the story, he can still be there kicking ass. But we can have stealth sections with Atreus.


5. Stealth mechanics for Ateus. Stealth and/or Invisibility enchantments.


6. More realms is a given, so I'd like changes to the existing realms. Jotenheim we only saw a tiny piece of. Same as Nifl and Muspel. The Lake of nines was hinted at that there was more under the surface. So lets see whats down there and further out. When you finish the world is still covered in fog.


7. Fairer balance to combat. Unblockable attacks are a pain, but unblockable attacks from severely powerful enemies are very frustrating. Not everyone is Faaraz Kahn. Especially when you are playing on harder levels and you are surrounded by revenants, Wulvers, nightmares and power draugrs.


8. Changes to the alternate Runics. The runic abilities in GoW were kind of Ice/Fire versions of the same abilities. Changess the different elements so that they have a purpose.


9. Give Atreus different runics to Kratos. Light and Dark powers.


10. Give Kratos' new weapon Earth powers. (If you've played Kingdoms of Amalur you'll know how much fun the different elements can be.


11. A better fast travel system. make Kratos be able to fast travel to any realm gate in any realm from any point on the map once he has visited there. Once again, Horizon did it perfectly with only a small loading time.


12. Loadout saves. I have to write down and remember what armour loadouts i use for vertain places and enemies. It would be nice to have four or five loadout saves that you could change when needed.


13. DLC. Not even playable dlc but even just skins, weapon skins. Enemy skins. Something to have fun with.



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