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Guarma animals after the epilogue


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So i glitched into Guarma with John after the epilogue to study the animals and they were drawn in the journal with his handwriting! The exotic birds, the snakes, and even the sea turtle which does not even list in the compendium! If John isn't supposed to go there, how come these animals are drawn like he usually do?


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Like with Arthur drawing things in his journal and having dialogue with NPCs in New Austin, what you're describing in your non-spoiler tagged post is more likely than not just remnants of a development stage where the character you are describing in your hidden post was able to access areas of the game they couldn't when it released. In fact it probably indicates that at one point we would be able to have returned to Guarma but scrapped it because Guarma is a small boring location.

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50 minutes ago, Drake713 said:

"even the sea turtle"

Umm, wut?!


There are turtles in the sea of Guarma that you can study, kill but not skin, and they will not be added in the compendium. 


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I always wondered if Guarma was unfinished which is explains the sea turtle. I heard something about a horse being down there as well, but the sea turtle is great representation that there was more plans. I assume Guarma was automatically suppose to open world concept (thus again, the Sea Turtle.) It never made sense how you go from open world gameplay to being rail roaded into following all the rules of what Rockstar set up for you. Why else bother with Sea Turtles if it was never intended to be open like Mexico was.

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