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[SA] New routes for vehicles. (solved)


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My question is this.
As the title says.
How can I assign new routes for vehicles and peds, in the internal files of the game or in sanny builder?
I already downloaded carrec, and made the recording, but my concern arises at the time of applying this, since I tried with the code below, but what I want to do, is that the vehicles that I choose, transit where I choose.


The code that I show below, what it does is that a vehicle is driven by an NPC. (Also the vehicle is driven only if it doesn't have a pilot)


pd: Thanks to lil weasel, for telling me the correct section to ask this. 😖


{$CLEO .cs}
thread 'NPCAREC'

[email protected] = 699// 	infernus // < --- vehicle model ID
[email protected] = 234// SWMOCD // < --- ped model ID
[email protected] = 900 // < --- carrec path

while true
wait 0
        0256:   player $PLAYER_CHAR defined
        077E: get_active_interior_to [email protected]
        if  and
            [email protected] == 0
            0AB0:   key_pressed 9// 	tab key
            0AB0:   key_pressed 81// 	q key
            gosub @carspawn
            wait 500 
            05EB: assign_car [email protected] to_path [email protected]         
            [email protected] = 0

            while Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)
            wait 0
                if  or
                    0AB0:   key_pressed 48// 	0 key  (ZERO)
                    860E:  not car [email protected] assigned_to_path


            //00BA: show_text_styled GXT 'fem_off' time 1000 style 4
            gosub @cleanup
            wait 1000        

0247: request_model [email protected]
0247: request_model [email protected]
07C0: load_path [email protected]
038B: load_requested_models
04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]  from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 8.0 1.2
00A5: [email protected] = create_car [email protected] at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
0224: set_car [email protected] health_to 20000
0129: [email protected] = create_actor  24 [email protected] in_car [email protected] driverseat
0186: [email protected] = create_marker_above_car [email protected]
018B: set_marker [email protected] radar_mode 2
0249: release_model [email protected]
0249: release_model [email protected]

0873: release_path [email protected]
0164: disable_marker [email protected]
009B: destroy_actor [email protected]
00A6: destroy_car [email protected]



Edited by ZaikerHind
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The routes for vehicles and peds in traffic are called paths and are archived in 64 nodes.dat files

These files are stored in gta3.img, nodes0.dat till nodes63.dat.

The nodes.dat files of folder data\Paths are unused


Realize routes for traffic by script and carrec paths is not good, because the cars are untouchable in that way


Making real paths via nodes.dat files is a hard work, read here more about paths


I know 3 tools:

1. APE 1.1 by Aschratt

2. Deniska's SA path tool (plugin script for 3D Max)

3. SA Path Editor by [email protected]


I myself worked with successful with APE 1.1 by Aschratt and made a lot working paths for cars, boats and peds

But it works only on WINDOWS XP

APE 1.1 forums topic


I also tried Deniska's SA path tool, but without success

But other modders had success, especially the russians, because Deniska's is a great russian map modder




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8 hours ago, ZAZ said:


It's ok, thanks u ZAZ!


Only one thing, the tool of '[REL] [BETA] APE 1.1', I can not download it.

Will you have another link, by chance?

Edited by ZaikerHind
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14 hours ago, ZaikerHind said:

It's ok, thanks u ZAZ!


Only one thing, the tool of '[REL] [BETA] APE 1.1', I can not download it.

Will you have another link, by chance?


Not possible to download at gta-modding ? 😲 when you click at big download button a new site with advertising appears and after 10 or max. 20 seconds the download appear


do you have a total clicker blocker? 😜


get it here

Edited by ZAZ
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11 hours ago, ZAZ said:


¿No es posible descargar en gta-modding ? <font style=😲"> cuando hace clic en el botón de descarga grande, aparece un nuevo sitio con publicidad y después de 10 o máx. En 20 segundos aparece la descarga.


¿Tienes un bloqueador de clicker total? <font style=😜">


tráelo aquí


Thank u, very much.

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