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The Future of Organized Crime in Liberty City


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One question that has always interested me, was what was the long term fate of Organized Crime In Liberty City? 


There are a variety of different possibilities as to what was the fate of Organized Crime. However, I think that it is highly likely that Organized Crime deconstructed into smaller and more isolationist gangs around the city. Similar to the Maxi Trial in real life, the FIB and IAA were cracking down on Liberty City and likely Vice City organized crime, particularily Russian Organized Crime. The weakening Commission was already in rapid downfall, however, the Russian Organized Crime Syndicate and the individual Bratvas that had established and taken over many Rackets, had established hold as the new major players in organized crime. It is hinted at in GTA IV that the Russian Mafia organized a drug trafficking across Vice City throguh shipments. This would imply that Russian Organized Crime has likely taken monopoly in other major cities as well. What interests me the most however, is that with the collapse of the Commission and the predicted fall of the Russian Crime Empire, who would inevitably fill the void? Would LIberty City and Vice City be consumed by new power hungry gangs like the yardies, dominicans, etc? Or would the former empires simply shrink down in operation and size? Possibly reduced to a situation similar to Faustins organization. Personally, i'd go with the latter. Share your thoughts.

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Bratva Assassin

Interesting thread! I’d have to go with the first one tho. Liberty City still ain’t Liberty City without its organized criminals! ;)

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1. The Russians lose some territory and become a little more small time, they're mostly involved in the drug trade.

2. Asian gangs become more powerful - Triads beat back the Spanish Lords and take over Cerveza Heights, plus they expand their criminal empire even further, despite heavy internal wars. The Koreans from Alderney start setting up a set in Bohan, which results in:

3. The wipeout of the Albanian Mob.

4. Out of The Commission the most prominent ones appear to become the Messina Family. The Ancelottis have lost enormous amounts of manpower and certain mobsters are trying to get the family back on track (looking at Rudy D'Avanzo)

5. The Angels of Death MC operate now in Willis, their truce with the Jamaican Mob appears to have finished and they're rivals in the drug trade. Jamaicans also lost control over Schottler.

6. The Lost MC Broker Chapter still seems to be operating, but again, on a very small scale, their members can't be found on the streets.

7. The Irish Mob still operates, but it is unknown who is the leader. Again, they're not very prominent but appear to have a thing for car races.


All of this comes from GTA Chinatown Wars, which is set in 2009, a year after GTA IV :)

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Official General

1. The Russian Mob is still active, but now very low-key and less violent than they were before to attract less attention from federal law enforcement like the UI Paper outfit. No longer trying to compete with Cosa Nostra and they stick to their own territory in Broker. 


2. Albanian crime groups get stronger in north Bohan and attempt to expand in Broker (specifically illegal gambling), coming into conflict Russian organized crime already established there. Occasional gang wars between the two, as Albanians do not want to pay tax to the Russian Mob for operating on their territory. 


3. The fall of the McCrearys sees the Irish Mob severely weakened. Now most of them are split into many small independent gangs loosely affiliated with each other, much less organized and more into freelance-styled crimes like robberies, heists, and hold-ups. No longer interested in having anymore dealings or alliances with Cosa Nostra or any other mafia-styled crime group in Liberty City, they are all out for themselves. 


4. Triads stay in Chinatown and fully control it as always, they have no desire to expand beyond that. Truce made with the Lost MC and currently no rivalry with other crime groups or gangs. 


5. Lost MC and Angels Of Death have all cleared out of Liberty City, and now only operate in the Alderney suburbs where they sometimes continue their gang rivalry. Some have migrated to San Andreas to join other chapters there. 


6. Cosa Nostra (American Mafia), all 5 Mafia crime families in Liberty City and the one in Alderney still very active, but keeping a low-profile, trying not to attract too much heat from law enforcement. Concentrating on white-collar crimes, rather than the grittier and more violent stuff. 


7. African-American street gangs like the M.O.B. and North Holland Hustlas (NHH) still control the ghettos and housing projects in parts of Liberty City like Firefly in Broker and North Holland in Algonquin, and also Acter in Alderney, where they continue to sell drugs and engage in gang activity and violence. North Holland is currently the scene of a bloody gang war between remnants of the NHH gang split into two factions - one still loyal to Playboy X (even though he's dead) and the other now under the command of Dwayne Forge; Playboy X loyalists hate Dwayne and refuse to work under his control. North Holland is a battle zone, with gun fights in the streets and projects every night. The M.O.B have expanded out of the Firefly Projects and have pushed the Jamaican Posse gangs out of Schottler after a series of gang wars. The M.O.B are now present in Steinway Housing Projects of Dukes and in the housing projects in areas of northern Bohan. 


8. Jamaican Posse gangs still control Beechwood City, but have lost control of Schottler to the M.O.B. In Willis, Dukes, the Jamaican Posses there are currently in a gang war with trespassing Dominican drug gangs out of Northwood, Algonquin. Jamaican gangs are now showing up in Northern Gardens in north Bohan where they are competing with the M.O.B there. 


9. Spanish Lords are still the largest street gang in all of Liberty City and Alderney, but since Elisabeta's imprisonment, their position as leaders in the drug trade on the streets has been severely weakened, and the Northwood Dominicans have taken over as the top Hispanic drug dealers in the LC-Alderney area. Still very close and working with the Northwood Dominicans anyway. 


10. Northwood Dominican Drug gangs have rapidly expanded and are present in every Liberty City borough and in Alderney. They are currently in gang wars over drug sales turf with the Jamaican Posses in Beechwood City, Broker and in Willis, Dukes, and also with the M.O.B in Acter, Alderney. They are now the top drug dealing gang in the LC-Alderney area and are now very powerful, making lots of money. They completely control the drug trade in Northwood, East Holland, all of South Bohan and in Cerveza Heights. 


All based on how the situation is in my modded version of GTA IV on PC. 

Edited by Official General
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Russian mafia is still going strong thanks to the Petrovic family they will absorb the Rasclov/Bulgarian family and still have a strong foothold in Broker but will likely operate quietly for a while 


Yardies still war over with each other with Badmans posse being the strongest some are calling for a truce to fight off Dominicans, and African American street gangs 


Dwayne Forge has the strongest black street gang and allies with Nigerian gangsters from overseas 


Albanians are wiped out with Midtown gangsters taking over their territory


Gordon takes over the Mcreary family renaming it to Irish American killers they retain their territory in Purgatory but stick to selling party drugs and robberies



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