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All the same

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 So all my dudes mada basical the same dude... which is lame. Auto have a back ally butcher call him "The Butcher" in saint denis so they can stop being lame. Plastic surgion. Who puts hits out on players for organs. I made a crazy old hillbilly mountain shiner...my dudes made aurther with cracked out eyes. I haven't tried yet...but id also like to be able to make multiple characters. Specifically an indian. Auto focus on character immersion take an old western story then let us make it. You know i want to look like an indian. Im gonna need some of that silky smooth hair. I know yall are getting the old sjw up on yall...but come on we gonna be lame cuz some dude got butthurt about a representation of a culture. That frankly could use some love. No your rockstar feed on that controversy make something because cowboys and Indians...period. let these folks know not every ones tryna attack some ones culture. Some are just trying to include em. Any way saw the whole red skin article. Psh. Sjw triggered bull...indians are dope thats why its in the game. Oppressed sure, by the government. Rockstar though i bet they would be honored. I mean damn thats like the highest level of respect. 

Not to trigger no one or nothing...id just like my dudes to look cool. We also agree we want to make indians. They are dope and down to earth.

We was also wondering why no opium din? Seems like something era appropriate.

One more we want to watch movies. I think peep shows and escorts should be in the game. Yet maybe yall lost yalls balls?

Eh i guess even rockstar shakes in fear when it comes to the sjw. Not as ballsy as the old days hu.

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