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Advice/Support for new RDR2 player (story and online)

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Hi all. I was in the process of moving house when RDR2 came out so didn't get it and to be honest I wasn't going to anyway but gave in today. I have been in my new place 4 weeks but due to incompetence of broadband provider have been without WiFi and Xbox live for all that time.


So, I loaded up the game (new fibre broadband only took an hour to download!) and played about an hour story mode. Found it pretty boring but I hope it will get better the further in I get - doesn't help learning new controls and functions/abilities after 5 years on GTA/GTAO!)


I left story mode and completed intro missions on RDRO and then joined a few friends in free roam - they were all rank 25-40ish and me being rank 4 not having a clue what I should be doing to earn money etc


I want to do story mode completely before really getting into RDRO but will that put me too far behind friends and other players so I won't enjoy it as much as I am getting killed all the time etc? Maybe concentrate on RDRO a while and do story mode inbetween and drag it out over a long time?


Advice needed on best way to play and support on what I should concentrate on would be great



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Well, RDO and RDR2 story are two completely separate entities, one does not in any way affect the other.

It will simply come down to which you prefer more. Playing with your friends in RDO, or playing the story alone. RDO is still only beta, and only Rockstar knows if you get to keep what you have done in the beta when it goes fully live.


I can say I loved the story and it is well worth doing. Story mode is not to be rushed through either as there are alot of side missions and events that are fun to do as well.


I am only level 16 in RDO beta but am not worried about falling behind. Still finishing challeneges and such for total completion in the story world.

Once the beta is over I will spend alot more time in RDO.

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There will always be new people (or old players creating new characters) in RDO. You won't be behind. I started RDR1 online about 6 months after it launched I figured it out and could hold my own pretty quickly.


I might recommend playing the story first for a while though just to learn how the game plays like learning to cook/craft, becoming familiar with the map, etc. etc.

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