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South American imports not producing


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Hiya guys 


not been on in a while as have taken a detour via ancient Egypt and then the Wild West. 


My South American imports has never produced a single thing. 


But quants you havent been playing? Ahh well that's the thing. It's hasn't produced ANYTHING since I bought it. 


So so I have the engineer, check

i have the cocaine lab, check, 

have I done the start up, check

have I done a supply run, check

have i shut down the business and restarted, check

have I took off the technician in various scenarios, check

At this point dudes im wondering whether a ticket would resolve it? 


Thoughts would be appreciated peeps?

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I switch my workers after every sale. Sometimes I forget and one gets stuck but after I switch it starts producing again.

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this always happens to me after a sell all mission. my tech I have assigned to import stays at 0 till I switch him to another business then back again to import. I forgot exactly how long it takes but I believe its like ever 46mins you should get one shipment in import.

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The first month nightclubs came out my coke would not produce no matter what, I did everything said above. A month later it started working without me changing anything.

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I have this problem, too. I think there might be a delay on this night club good. Similar to how the timer exists for selling top range cars. If a certain amount of time has not elapsed, then the South American Imports will not produce. Maybe the timer gets stuck on certain occasions.


Try shutting down your console, including removing the power cord from the console. Wait a few minutes until the power is completely gone. Power on, sign back in and see if this does anything. Also, search for night club cargo during free roam night club battle missions. You might have to kickstart your production using the business battles.

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I have an update to this situation, try swapping out characters while you are engaged in CEO and inside your nightclub.

You would just swap characters using the player interaction menu. Swap out into your second character, then swap back in into your main character that is having the difficulties with the nightclub product.

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