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(online) Rank reset to 1, wont gain RP, LS customs missing



So I just noticed my rank has been reset to one and won't gain RP, LS customs, dresser, heists etc are all missing. One of my pals on there seems to think it was a 'modder'?


This makes the game pretty worthless.


I have reset the cache with no effect. (xbox 360). R* doesn't seem to care.



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3 answers to this question

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My rank had been reduced to 1 twice too. The first time it was reset without me doing anything after a few months. I found this forum thread when it happened to me very recently and I finally understood what the problem was. I sent a ticket to R*. Apparently, R* have said they are clamping down on illegal ranking and $. R* only reduce your rank to your previous legal level so a rank of 1 must indeed be a modder.  I told them a modder has given me extra RP without my consent and I could only stop it increasing by quitting the game. Within the hour my rank was reset, back to its original level. 


And there was me thinking custom deathmatches is the most irritating thing in this game!

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While a Modder can mess with your rank and remove your weapons temporarily and do a lot of other things that are only temporarily but they can't mess with your internal game stats and saved status such as your LSC mods, heist ect they can UNLOCK LSC Mods, Heist, Weapons ect but they can't remove/lock the other stuff mentioned.


This sounds like one of R* punishments that they hand out they have two type of punishments one where they reset the player back to zero removing everything basically making them restart the game all over again or they ban the player for 30 days AND remove everything making them start from scratch all over again.

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