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 Well i was all like "get good blah blah blah". Yet to be honest it is annoying...though i dont want just a straight passive mode. So lets do this red dead style. I think putting a price on his head like in single player. After a while send the boanty hunters too. Send the good one's though. Not the jank online boanty hunters...the ones that gun you down in the story. Make greefing a bit more dangerous to do, and give the outlaws the feeling of being on the run. Win, win if you ask me. 


Prob have to make sure pvp freeroming missions dont act jank about the outlaw system...but still a nice idea for the wild west...keep it wild while bringing a little order. Obviously yall setting the laws and such to keep a fun and fair balance. Examples...boanty after 2 consecutive player kills...boanty hunters after 3 kills investigating...6 kills boanty hunters on route...you know like the star system in gta but for red dead.


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I don't know if this is still the case, but originally you got honor decreased for killing someone even if they shot you first. I hope this has changed. If someone attacks me it shouldn't be murder that I killed them. Additionally, I don't think I should get a bounty if a guy kills me to grief me and then I take him out 3-6 times in a row. If anything, he should get the bounty and I should get money each time I kill him for eliminating the threat IMO.


Either way, Rockstar said they were working on this so I'm sure some antigriefing measures will be implemented very soon.

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This is not the online part of this forum

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