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Rockstar's Game Design is Outdated

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A big contributing factor is gamers are.. dumb. By and large. If developers don’t hold player’s hands, then players will complain the game is too hard. It’s not 1996 anymore, when you could get away with saying ‘git gud’ when people say a game is difficult. AAA games these days HAVE to be accessible, otherwise they’ll bomb. 


AAA gaming is a cancer, honestly. It’s destroying the medium of videogames.

Edited by éX-Driver

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Dunno where this opinion that gamers are dumb comes from to be honest, cause it's not true.


Gamers in 2019 are actually incredibly smart (or can just read reddit or browse YouTube, either one lol). The current console generation has seen competition in games sky rocket because console players have become much, much more savvy to figuring out metas and what works best, which has resulted in the overall skill level being higher than ever in games. I suspect that creating multiplayer games in particular is harder than ever for developers because if anything is even a touch out of balance players will find it in a matter of hours and they will exploit it.


When it comes to single player high difficulty content is all the rage, largely as a result of the Souls games which have had a huge influence on games since they released. The idea that anything hard will make players cry for mercy is completely unfounded really.


Sure, there's not as many big AAA games that throw you straight into the deep end without any information or help at all but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's more of an objective thing. There's nothing wrong with a game that eases you into the swing of things.


Also I don't agree at all that AAA gaming is destroying the medium, microtransactions are for sure but AAA gaming in general? Not really. Single player AAA right now is f*cking amazing.

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I honestly just think this is a classic case of "Can't make everyone happy." Also Rockstar is unique in the sense that they generally AVOID trends and stick to their guts. 

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On 1/1/2019 at 6:52 PM, MostWantedMVP said:

GTA6 will be a game changer I think. Obviously improving on RDR2's excellent mechanics.

If the setting is Vice City in the 80’s again then it will probably be the best game in history.

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