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Reuniting the Families

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What's the easiest way to  do the part where your in the car for xbox 360


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lil weasel

Not as you asked. I use the mission to do Collections in the unopened islands.

Before entering the Motel, (the game suspends wanted) so also does the traffic everywhere.

I head out and to Collect Oysters, Snap-Shots, and Horseshoes.

Then return to finish the Mission.

After clearing the Motel, and in the car the game changes the weapon used to the AK47 (unlimited Ammo) for the chase/escape.


This becomes the First of the Chase shooting missions.

Ther is no real way to practice, you have to develop the skill to NOT SHOOT your own car.

Aim for the Windshields of chase cars, Aim for the front wheel or driver of the motorcops.

Forget the bridge. (I do, unless the road is otherwise cleared).

Do not shoot your own car. It can be hard.

One good thing about the mission is it is a RUT, always the same, no variance. So you can develop a pattern in your shooting.


Edited by lil weasel

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I actually recommend you do shoot your own car - you will not damage it, and your AK-47 skill will increase. You can easily reach hitman level with this. It doesn't actually help for the shooting section of the mission, but it's a nice perk.


As for mission tips, try to prioritise which enemies to shoot first. Many of the vehicles will roll over or catch fire due to environmental damage, such as crashing into each or being hit by a train. There's a point during the mission you can stop shooting, just prior to the AK jamming. Be sure to take out the police that jump onto your car as soon as possible, because them punching you will knock your aiming way off course.

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Shoot your vehicle so you gain ak skill and reach hitman easier, I´m not kidding.

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