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Authur Morgan, character of contradiction?

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MINOR SPOILERS BELOW  (Through Roanoke Ridge)









Arthur Morgan.  Outlaw, train robber, bank robber, cold-blooded killer, and … benevolent selfless man?  Throughout the first two chapters, you can kind of play Arthur as you want, you don't have to help anyone you randomly meet in the world if you don't choose to help.  Then you get to Lemoyne. Here, Arthur meets some random Doctor in Rhodes who just got his carriage stolen by some other men.  Now, this seems to be something that Arthur can't abide.  He helps the man automatically, without your choice, and doesn't even ask for anything in return. Arthur risks his own ass, blazing guns to get back a carriage for a doctor he doesn't even know and just met randomly.  Well, perhaps, Arthur has turned a new leaf. After all, we're a long way from horseshoe overlook.  But no.  Five minutes later, Arthur meets some native American men, in a worse situation than that doctor in Rhodes, and Arthur needs to be coerced with payment into helping them.  Even months later, after Arthur had damn near befriended Rains Fall, visited his sacred place, and had Rains Fall show him how to make a special health potion (thus helping Arthur's health far more than that Doctor in Rhodes ever did), Arthur still is reluctant to help the Native American Tribe.  Rains Fall wants him to come to the meeting with Colonel Favors and Arthur says "It's really none of my business", to which Charles reminds him that he (Charles) "saved his life", thus making it so a gang member had to coerce Arthur into going along for the meeting.  I wonder why Arthur felt that the Doctor in Rhodes' predicament was "his business"...?

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There’s a difference between taking on a few fellers and taking on the military i guess.  Furthermore, i think native americans were even lower on the ladder than black people back then.

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Similar contradictions is actually set up in the start of the game which bothers me. In the beginning of the game you have a scrap piece of paper that lays in Arthur's tent space. If you pick up the scrap it'll tell you about the time of the gang's first bank robbery where they gave back to the poor. When you raid Adler's home for supplies, Arthur and Dutch preach their motto which is basically in the lines of Robin Hood (obviously not exactly, but the same agenda.) They don't rob the poor. 

Now what never made sense is the fact the the gang allows Strauus to be part of their gang who robs the poor. He finds the poor who are in badly in need of money, lures him into taking his loan, and then expects a profit from them and his money back, which is absolutely robbing the poor. It never made sense how the gang allows this, and or, why Arthur would help him considering it goes against their motto. What makes everything even worst is the fact that Thomas Downes is a poor man stating he'll be paying back the money. Arthur instantly beats the crap out of him which contradicts the plot line of Issac and Eliza who was robbed and killed for $10. They also set up the fact that Arthur has a big heart during Valentine where he stops a horse from running off from his owner.


In Chapter 3, Arthur yells at Sadie for wanting to rob people trying to get by and says that isn't what they do, while preaching the gang's motto which is respect for the poor. It never made sense for Arthur to beat Thomas Downes after telling this to Sadie, nor, is it in his character because you see him helping people because he genuinely loves to help people which is also explained in the Nun mission.


I say it's writing getting messy, personally. The whole Thomas Downes and T.B perspective is annoying. It's just contradicted. Same goes for wanting to not help Rainsfall but will help the doctor, yet it's in Arthur's nature to help - but he ends up being hesitant? Doesn't make sense.

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Youre right, I believe that Arthur is symbolic of the gang and outlaw life.

The robbing Downes and subsequent contraction of TB represents the gangs deviation from their beliefs, infecting them and ultimately causing their downfall.

It seems hypocritical that Arthur would rob Downes but it is conceivable that he would do this to get some money that the gang are in desperate need of.

Plot devices are a necessary evil unfortunately 

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It's heavily implied,  at the beginning,  that Arthur finds it appalling but does anything with it because of Dutch. It's pretty much a guaranteed income that Dutch had signed off on. Arthur even asks if one of the other members can do the work at once point.

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