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The Weston Gang (Recruitment)


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Hello I am Garrett, I have decided to start a "gang" of sorts. The Weston gang is a roleplay community that i am wanting to start on the Playstation platform.


[/b]Back Story

The Weston Gang was formed in 1888, on the riverbanks of Blackwater. John "Smith" Weston a young gun from Strawberry. The Gang focuses mainly on controlled Robbing and Gun for Hire jobs although they will do almost anything for money. The Gang operates mainly in the Heartland. The gang is a ruthless band of outlaws but they do have Morals. The gang has been mainly envolved in small and petty crimes but the Leader John has been planning a big heist the last couple weeks.


Our Mission

The mission of the Weston Gang is to provide a fun and laid back environment for people to make friends and roleplay the way of a outlaw back in the days.


To join add me on PSN (Ridin_Bulls) or mesage me on here.

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  • 5 weeks later...
Red Dead Roleplay

Reads well! Just a shame you're on the wrong platform for us. Good luck with it! 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello, I would love to help out. 

I'm a young and loyal African American gun from blackwater.. 

I just got broken out of jail so I'm looking for a posse since my last got killed.. 

I added you on ps4 my psn is zChristopherOG

Hope u appreciate my fictional back story :)


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