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Shadow Play

Jerking For Soup

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Jerking For Soup

 Hop on out over the mountains,
you and I could bathe in the fountains,
you fade into my hellish memory,
like a skull indented cavity,
levitate into my endless void,
blue and empty,
cares of which I am devoid,
state invasion of privacy,
people obsessed with self-fallation,
our elections run by invasion,
I'm the master of empty statements,
the station of the destined nation,
conscious eater, conscious wiper,
help me up so I can fight you,
exaggerate the things I say,
exhibit toxic anxiety I may,
random words plastered on,
verses are written just for fun,
disregard my words as meanings,
I base all off of not my feelings,

shadow play,
shadow play,
I know everything,
I like these chains,
I like this pain,
help me God,
I'm going insane,
shadow play,
shadow play,

Contradictate, violent mushrooms,
philoinmate, I love the fumes,
stallwart wings now fade to dust,
freedom can be lost to lust,
I'm a manic contrary patient,
believe it or not,
that's my designation,
breathe in useless oxygen,
only seems to box you in,
tie a noose of naked theory,
I'm not naive, I'm just dreary,
flowing in this hell of a ride,
life is asking whether it's been defied,
pick up the empty syringe potion,
time only you can set in motion,
are you keeping up with this?
some say ignorance is bliss,

shadow play,
shadow play,
I know everything,
I like these chains,
I like this pain,
help me God,
I'm going insane,
shadow play,
shadow play,

Is this reality? Is this real?
Is this possibly what I can feel?
Nevertheless I'm falling down,
don't humour me since I'm a frown,
smile and make the tears go away,
mix emotions and I won't stay,
embody evil, embrace truth,
Spiral up out of the roof,
Nice to meet you can I pillage you,
of your purpose and your meaning?
It's a short process to go through,
but after you'll have no logic steering,
break free and you will die,
sit and stare and you'll be fine,
indoctrinate me, rape and kill me,
do not fear me or my conscience leering,
pillage me, make me numb,
I'm already happy, perhaps I'm dumb,

shadow play,
shadow play,
I know everything,
I like these chains,
I like this pain,
help me God,
I'm going insane,
shadow play,
shadow play,

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