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Devils Breed MC

Devils Breed Motorcycle Club Recruitment (Xbox one)

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Devils Breed MC

Hi guys, My name is Benny, I am the President of the Devils Breed MC in GTA:Online on Xbox One.

For the past 8 months I have been with a MC and taking a liking to the community and yesterday decided to create my own club, I am currently looking for new members to join up with me on this journey, You will join as a Prospect for the first few weeks but will be receive full patches & can earn yourself higher promotions, I currently have a VP, Sgt at arms, Road Captain, Secretary & Enforcer all ready to join but they have commitments to another crew at the moment and cant walk away just yet so there is a couple of positions yet to be filled in the hierarchy, In my last club I was a 1% loyal patched member & mid-week event organizer so I have some understanding of what it takes to run a club, I left them due to lack of member activity (we had 40+ patched members, the first 9 & 12 prospects) unfortunately RDR2 came out (which I also own) it inevitably took over peoples interest in GTA I left on good terms and are currently allied to them, If anybody would like to join up with me just drop me a message here or add me on Xbox and we can discuss prospecting for the DBMC, My gamertag is: BENNYBLANCO0121.


Listed below are just a few simple rules but will be discussed further if this takes your interest, Hope to hear back off some of you guys!!


Must be 16+

Must own a 'Chopper - styled' Motorcycle

Must wear Biker cut with crew emblem displayed on the back

You DO NOT need a headset; It's great if you have one but no worries if not!

No crew killing; This will result in being removed from the crew

Must be active on GTA; I understand we all have normal lives to live, But when we are online and playing GTA we ride as a unit

No try-hards






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