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So Broke

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Man I had to turn it off this morning or I was going to have an aneurism.


I was robbing a train and after the train came to a stop I got off it real quick and shoo’d my horse away.

When I got back on the train ten seconds later the passengers all miraculously escaped even though I didn’t see a single one leave.


I was out of Dynamite so I decided to go to the back of the train where I had shoo’d off my horse. Who despite my clear command is still right behind the train and trying to walk off the bridge, thankfully the bounty hunters who showed up were shooting him to death and helping him make the choice to jump over the side.

I deliberately know that trussels and horses don’t mix well with train robberies from lessons hard learned in the past. I go out of my way to do things intelligently and the game completely overrides it. It does what it wants to do no matter how smart you play it. Seriously pissed. Some of this stuff you’d see in Grand Theft Auto 3  and yer twenty years later Rockstar hasn’t fixed or changed it. 

One of these days a gaming company is going to come along and outdo these guys complacency.


Edited by Sackville

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Cutter De Blanc

The tunnel in the Grizzlies the only flawless place to rob a train

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Yeah you can sometimes do it without any bounty.

I am seriously no longer thinking this game is the greatest game ever made. With how cheap it is and how many serious gameplay flaws it has and after the buzz of the release had began to die down I’m just starting to feel differently about it.

The things wrong with it, much of these have to be intentional by Rockstar, because they worked on it for 8 years with the whole of their studio.


I can tell you this much, if this was a grand theft auto game I’d be taking it back. 

Im only playing it because I’m a huge western fan.

Its such a bitter pill. It’s so amazing and so bad that it almost makes you hate it more.

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2 hours ago, Sackville said:


The things wrong with it, much of these have to be intentional by Rockstar, because they worked on it for 8 years with the whole of their studio.



Not intentional-the flaws I see show they did not give a crap after a certain point.   The scenery, animals and such are pristine overall.  NPC's-ok, not really up to 'Never hear the same thing twice' or 'One can have intereacts with them, living world, lives outside of you being there' stuff.  Gang interactions and Missions are clean.


Then you get to the gun change issues, weird bounty system, anything you do loses honor/gains a bounty but is ignored if an NPC does it [[for example-run into someone with a horse get a bounty.  Someone runs over you in town with a wagon and...crickets.]] and the list goes on and few of thse are glitches that would not have been seen by in-house testers or Beta Testers.


It shows after some point they simply did not give a crap.


Their Robot Answer to all Queries "Turn off your console, restart, unplug console, delete game' shows the same lack of give-a-sh*t.

Edited by Satanta

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I mean the game is tediously put together. The bounty system is the way they want it. 

The hyporcritcal Lawman who ignore all crime but yours, is the way they wanted it.

Everyone in the entire Wild West riding 1 of 3 breeds out of the 19 available horses is by design.

The story and the inability to effect a single  notable outcome   is exactly the way they wanted it.

the Slowest horses in the game becoming the fastest horses in the game so long as a bounty hunter is riding it.. is exactly the way they want it.

the gunplay being subpar to the original red dead is exactly how they made it.


I became aware of this extreme stingy pompous micro managing side of Rockstar for the first time really playing this game. 



Edited by Sackville

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But it’s still so fu$&in’ good!

gawd I hate it

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The more I play, the more I develop a love/hate relationship with this game as well. But for me it's still better than GTA V for free roaming though. I love westerns, and this game is the closest by far anyone has come to replicating that atmosphere. I didn't feel RDR1 really hit that note since the characters were just so over the top. This one is far more grounded in reality and I actually really enjoy the gun mechanics. Shooting feels much more methodical in RDR2. Many times i'll just walk straight down the main avenue with double guns drawn like in the movies. I 've had a few fun shootouts in Rhodes and Valentine which reminded a lot of the final scene in Open Range. I really like the slow methodical approach to shooting this time around while RDR1 felt a bit too arcadey. 


Still, the more I mess around with the bounty system to more things just don't add up. Wish it was simply logical, but many times it just makes no sense. I've given up on train robberies, just too much hassle and not much fun. When I want to have fun in the game I just use the cheats since it wont' save anyway. It's fun to walk into a saloon and go to town on the first guy that talks some smack. I've beaten that mountain guy countless times in the Valentine saloon LOL. Anyway, I"ll probably transition to online mode slowly. It's got potential. Just waiting for solo lobbies. At least I hope those come.

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Guest Guest176525326

Shooting in RDR2 is one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced in over 20 years of gaming... its second to none

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