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I'm not hating him for being a furry (i'm fine with furries)

I just mildly dislike how f*cking stupid he is! I just want politics out of gaming. what do you think?

do you think he deserved that esports award? do you think politics belong in gaming?

Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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chronic lumbago

I like how he also had to say that he's black. I never would've guessed. 

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As long as he and the world are okay with someone else saying similar things about furries, African-Americans or homosexuals I'm alright with it.


But as we all know that's not how it works.

Edited by Fireman
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The main problem i have with him, is how he generalized a whole entire Wing (the Right-Wing) and saying that they all are racist, homophobic, and "Nazis".


Lets recap what he said here to break it down.


So he said

"I'm gay, black, and a furry, pretty much what a republican hates!"

This is what I heard in my head

"I'm gay, black, and a furry, pretty much what all Right-Wingers hate (which is not true btw) and they all are racist, homophobic, Nazi assholes."


this is f*cking stupid


I honestly wish he never gotten the award. because i think that just made his ego grow the size of the earth, and made him a narcissistic asshole.

He attack people with different opinions, for example: this guy name Jasonafex (Don't go on his twitter or art accounts lol) got attacked by SonicFox fans, for saying an opinion (that doesn't even hurt anyone), something about gender identity and how you can't change it. he got f*cking harassed and was (as expected) called a Nazi.   



OH BTW, he claims that his speech changed the gaming community. lol

well guess what, IT DIDN'T CHANGE f*ckING ANYTHING! lmao


Watch this to see how f*cking stupid SonicFox is (yes this is a video from a furry, but just bear with it, IF you want to watch it)


It talks about his speech (breaks it down) and his interesting twitter posts.

(SonicFox also accuses Jasonafex being a pedophile, however it is very unlikely that he is one. I think this accusation was made for the sake of accusing...)

Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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Yeah I'll gladly lock your pointless thread.

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