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GTA Military roleplay clan (PS4)

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         My name is Glen and I am one of the founders for one of the most realistic Military roleplay clans on GTA for the Ps4.  We are looking for serious members to join our ranks, we offer a competitive ranking structure based off of your time served and knowledge base.  We are currently looking for members to fill our 11B (Infantry) 18x(Special Forces Candidate), and various jobs in our aviation wing.  We are only looking for the best and brightest of the Gta roleplaying community Potential recruits must pass an interview and basic training before being able to attend a session.  11A (Infantry Officer) will be open depending on prior service (IRL) or the ability to demonstrate above average Skills and learning ability with the given matter of RP.  

        Our RP sessions are held in a free aim, free mode private session with our own members acting as Opfor.  General duties of the 11 series include but are not limited to presence patrols,  Convoys, Aid missions,  and direct action missions.  Our 18 series has to wide of a scope of duties to cover and recruitment is based on performance and aptitude for such a special  mission unit.  If you think you have what it takes and you meet all requirements listed below we would love to see you in our community Add QUAGMIREUSMC15 on PSN for an interview include that you are requesting an interview and a little abo

ut yourself in the friend request or in a separate message!


Must Be 15 or older!

Must have working MIC 

Must have copy of GTA V for the PS4 

Strong desire to RP is a must!

Discord is desired but not necessary for all roles

You will need at least $100,000 In game to be able to obtani the necessary uniforms



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