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Creepy Pagan Stuff

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Anyone have any spooky stuff happen to them yet?


Share please and I’ll share mine.

Try to avoid too many specifics like where and who so we can keep somethings spoiler free to some degree.

I’ll just copy and paste the frightened text I sent my brother it’s better that way.


I found this pagan ritual circle in the Forrest awhile back and later on this guy was being a dick to me so I hogtied him and brought him to it. I stabbed him inside the circle. I stayed with him inside it as the sun went down and all night I kept hearing these creepy noises. But that wasn't what bothered me. The sun just crept over the mountains and I was thinking yeah nice try rock star, not scary as I got on my horse and started to ride away I looked back over my shoulder one last time and the body f$&king moved 180 degrees all on its own




I recorded it

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Was expecting a Pagan Min reference or easter egg in this post.


Scariest thing that's happened to me ?. The mysterious heavy deep breathing sound i keep hearing in Tall Trees at night time. Gonna get a vid up tonight. 

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Took it down. Deciding what to do with this video.

Edited by Sackville

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Lots of spooky pagan stuff. Also witchcraft, voodoo, zombies, vampires, ghosts, demons, UFOs, giants, robots, dinosaurs, werewolves, serial killers, cannibals, time travelers, and more.   And let's just say the return of RDR1's Strange Man makes him even scarier than ever.  


RDR2 can be a real horrorshow. 

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I seriously can’t play it today. Game freaked me out so bad last night. I don’t feel like I scare easily.

The video I have. Haven’t seen anything like it. I keep looking.

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Particular bun-down house or church, full of bodies on cots-all skeletal with a [[presumed]] woman skeleton sitting at a table covered in old candles and the mantle behind her covered in old candles.  Very old-school horror-movie macabre because the West was filled with all that sh*t you know.

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no pagan circle needed:

around St. Denis there are a few ditches I managed to drove a coach through until both horses got stuck. One immediately ran off, the other one's been laid low underneath the water kinda dead but wiggling its ears...so, after minutes watching, I just wanted to end its "agony". One shot in the head, I thought, as suddenly this outlaw jumped out, been rotated through 180°, kicked me (as seen when punching one), rotated back and put itself in the exact same position as before. Finally dead.

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