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My thoughts and changes on RDOnline


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I personally believe that some things online should be changed for the better, I think the more dangerous animal pelts should be sold at a higher price because of how hard they are to track and kill as well, Add more animals, make the more dangerous animals more aggressive... like alligators, boars,  they just sit there or run instead of actually come after you in the water or on land... make the game harder so it's more of a challenge... pretty sad that bird feathers sell higher than a damn bear pelt.... a grizzly bear at that.... Since a grizzly bear is so big and aggressive.


I think you should be able to choose where you place your camp not just randomly generated... it gets annoying when you have to Travel across the map just to get to your camp, or make it like the story mode where you can just set up camp where you are for FREE randomly around your location..


I believe that bounties should be placed on players that like to just go on a shooting rampage....Also PLEASE ADD A PRIVATE SESSION AND A PASSIVE MODE... There are so many idiots running around on the game just wanting to shoot people that are grinding to make money... since it's so damn hard to get money.  

I think you should add more events and also being able to rob all the stores, Rob banks and put a cooldown on them like a 24-hour cooldown. make it only give you like 150-200 dollars, not only the general store like... GTA 5... that got old fast make it to where we can sell, stolen stage carts, wild horses, stolen horses from the NPCs also looting NPCs should give you more valuables and be able to break into NPCs houses like in the solo campaign... the campaign is absolutely amazing! I really wish we could play co-op in the story mode with a friend that would be amazing but I don't see Rockstar ever being able to do that... add more NPC's to online the world seems lifeless. if people want to burn down houses with molotovs let them burn it completely down make it realistic.

Also, make the auto-aim lower on the person because people are just pressing on the thumbstick up in a second and getting instant headshots to make it more challenging...


if these things would be changed online. it would make the game absolutely amazing. and more people would actually want to buy the game to play it online.

Just please don't make this game into GTA Online where people just make it into a big battle royal.... it gets old people to have small brains and can't comprehend the fact of playing a game to actually enjoy it to have " FUN " they just get on there and instantly think let's kill everyone and make them mad...  Also this is a big thing a lot of people think should be implemented Add it to where your horse can lead another horse... All throughout time and every movie you have ever seen you have been able to do that...


Thanks for hearing my thought's and changes on Red Dead Online, 

I play on the Xbox One and would like to see this game on PC since I mainly play a computer. Cross-platform would be a big plus so I could actually play with friends as well.

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Also it would be nice if the items on your horse actually stayed on your horse when you disconnected or get booted offline for an error.....

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