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GTA Online Crew Recruitment

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My crew Darth Gageous is currently looking for some more members to join. If you play on the PS3 on the weekends then you can join this crew if you attach your Social Club ID and player rank in GTA Online to a reply to this post I will get back to you as soon as possible to add you to the crew. We will be going to war with other crews and players in races, deathmatches, captures, and last team standings, and on occasion we will go and wreak havoc in crew sessions or online sessions where we can team up and defeat all of our enemies. But, you must, however, play on a PS3 in order to get into a session with me the crew leader. So, if you wish to join Darth Gageous you must reply to this post with your Social Club ID and state your current GTA Online rank in the post.

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socil club: ghostdog___


online handle: kaiugdad


(Don't know where to find online rank number)

1 minute ago, procadman said:

socil club: ghostdog___


online handle: kaiugdad


(Don't know where to find online rank number)

rank:  126

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My crew Darth Gageous is now open for free recruitment for those who are willing to follow the instructions posted on the Crew's Wall while they are playing the game and certain modes in the game such as Contact Missions, Races (Air/Sea/Land), Deathmatches, etc. So just remember that you will have up to ten strikes then you will possibly be kicked from the crew. No Pressure! I will make sure that it is fair and you will be promoted as you progress in the crew. My PSN ID is jcgrove88, and I will be playing more on the weekends due to my work schedule. You may join if you wish.

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