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Bravado Buffalo

Declasse Vamos Appreciation Thread

Would you buy this car?  

265 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you buy this car?

    • Yes!
    • Mmeh
  2. 2. Rate this car

    • 1/10
    • 2/10
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    • 10/10

Recommended Posts


I don't mind having cars with unique handling characteristics but come on, the advanced handling flags aren't the solution.


A shame really, because the Vamos is a gorgeous car design wise.

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Both the deviant & the vamos have drag car upgrades available but most including me prefer the the pure clean chrome accent look. Been a long time coming  for these beauties..drink it all in with a long drive around the map.

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18 hours ago, TR186 said:

Awesome color. Any chance I can get the hex?

If anyone wants close to this shade without changing their custom color, Mariner Blue with Surf Blue pearl.

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4 hours ago, SMC-93 said:

I'm starting to think the good (takes some getting used to) handling vs. the bad handling argument, might be a matter of what platform you're playing on, like how higher fps messes up the Hermes wheelie. I (PS4) bought the Vamos and I love it. The handling is different, not bad different IMO, while others say it handles like garbage. As others have stated, it drives like it has all the power of it's glory days but it's handling is not quite there anymore. I like that the Vamos doesn't hold your hand and walk you down the street like the (generic super/sports car) does.


People around here tend to go hyperbolic.


Car is gorgeous and fun, ended up getting two on each character due to the mod options. 

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5 hours ago, Marciliojunior01 said:

these things had the steering more vague than the mind of snoop dogg after a day of recording. 


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Well, it does not turn well, but I have to say, wheelies with the Vamos is ridiculously easy

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On 2/15/2019 at 5:46 PM, CaptainMarvel said:

Holy macaroni this car was a challenge evading a 5-star wanted level. Flipped over a swat granger unintentionally, landed, somehow managed a good twenty donuts before a cop interceptor pushed me into a straight trajectory, finally got free of the cops with a sliver of health.


10/10 would recommend again 

Is it fully modified or stock?

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