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FMJ vs SC1 vs 811 vs Tempester vs cyclone vs Autarch


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Wanna buy one of these, but only for free roaming and maybe some heists which kuruma is not necessary, I already have the Vagner and Nero in possession. So, yeah, which one should I buy?

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With two of the most competitive super sports already in your possession, I think this is really just a matter of personal taste remaining now, regarding optic and drive experience.


I myself would like to make a case for the 811. It never got the recognition on the racing tracks because of that crippling understeer, and the stock photo at Legendary Motors sells it short too, making it look like just some overweight Voltic. As a result, there are not many 811s in use out there. But it's a very beautiful car in my eyes, and in freemode it handles very well, weaving in and out of traffic smoothly at high speed - and the 811 supplies a lot of this.









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Zen Gerakiteys

I would go for the 811, one of the fastest cars in a straight line, the handling (while not up to par with other supers) is fun and slide-y.





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Looks great with precise handling. Adding a spoiler doesn’t ruin the overall look of the rear. 

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FMJ is a pure beast on the track!
Could be awesome to add a livery too on this one :') (a man can dream)


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The Tempesta is a really good all-rounder, the Autarch is more for grip, the 811 is top speed, the SC1 kind of just sucks, the Cyclone is just acceleration and the FMJ is quite slidey. Just pick for whichever one is most important to you and maybe which one you think looks best.

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after testing with the creator, I am quite impressed with sc1's traction, maybe it is the slowest of the above? And fmj is a quite good choice so maybe fmj first then sc1 because I quite like sc1's design. Cyclone is fast but braking and cutting corners are not so good

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Last night I was bored and calling up supercars from my mechanic in Blaine County and just doing speed runs up and down Rt 68. I have all the cars you talked about. The Cyclone is the best looking on the street and has awesome acceleration. FMJ in Ford blue looks great in a well lit garage. In the past I have had many good times in an 811. But my favorite last night and always, the X80 Proto. Just so light and balanced and fast and awesome.  All the cars you listed are pretenders compared to the X80.

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