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ROCK* Censoring my game? Really?


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I broke down and bought an Arabian last night.  My Nokota which I've had since Chpt2 [[I'm in chpt 4 but taking my time with the game]] has turned into a real dick for some reason-skitterish all the time and causing problems along with not coming when I call-heck, I had to run in circles the other night because it kept trotting off when I needed to load a hide.


So the new Arabian is Moya-after the living ship on Farscape.  Tried to name it after my dog that passed a couple of years agp but kept getting a "Censorship" warning-really?  The Paiute name for Boots- "Mukluk" gets a censorship warining?


Besides I paid $60 for the game to play on *MY* console in my home-if I want to name it "John Holmes" or MuffDiver" or anything else it is *my* business.  I am old enough to drink, drive, have kids and own a damn house-Rock* is not my Babysitter and it may be the last Rock* game I buy because I do not do the SJW nonsense.

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I tried to name one of my horses skunk, but got the profanity warning so I picked a different name. nbd

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skunk, it is not a life-changing event but the fact remains, you, I and anyone else who purchased the game to play on the consoles we also purchased to play in our homes using our electricity, internet, etc that we also pay for are being told 'You cannot do that.' .


Since I dp not know you personally nor your likes I am going to go with another example-let's say you hate Mayo.  [[I do]] and let's say you go to the store and buy bread, whatever meat or cheese you like on your sandwiches and go home.  You get home and start to make a sandwich that you like with the stuff you paid for-suddenly the Clerk at the atore calls and tells you that you cannot make a sandwich with what you bought because you did not buy Mayo to go with it.


I would personally drive back to the store and shove a jar of Mayo up the Clerks tailpipes for having the audacity to do so.


Same feeling about R* telling me I cannot name my horse in whatever manner I wish-taking for granted your game info goes online I can perhaps see a Profanity issue however, that is not my problem-they can * that on their end as most websites do.



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Yeah censoring in single player is ridiculous.

I wanted to name my horse after a horse in the Loneseome Dove series and it wouldn’t allow it.




What the heck? I understand for online but campaign?



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They're using the same static word censoring system they have been since GTA V and even IV, which applies to all text fields in the game. It is pretty silly.


Red Dead Network | GTANet | kifflom

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

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On 12/13/2018 at 6:16 AM, Spider-Vice said:

They're using the same static word censoring system they have been since GTA V and even IV, which applies to all text fields in the game. It is pretty silly.

I'm an Admin on a board, have been one there since 2001.  We do have word censors just like here but I am having trouble figuring out how "Mukluk" gets Zinged.


And why it is 'Ok' on a Private Console.   If it is because they force you to share your gameplay they need to give an Opt Out or Censer on their end so anything 'Offensive' shows up starred just like here or on my or any other board.  I can type any word I want but it will show up with *'s on the loaded page.

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